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DateIITians – A new Buzz in the town

An IITians sounds like a person who would say, “I accept the terms and conditions” rather than “I do” on his weeding day. They are seen as an alien species who are far more interested in physics than in a silly chemical called “love”. True, this image might work in the marriage market where they are considered a good catch, having a secure future and a good salary but what about getting a date? Talk to them about dating and you would get them, “I wish” expression on their faces.

Dateiitians.com is specifically designed for these super humans who have much academic achievements to boast of but when it comes to subjects like love, dating, and marriage they are dumbstruck. The site was initially launched for techies and engineering professionals from IITs and IIMs but was later opened for all due to heavy demand. The website is the brainchild of the trio from IIT Kharagpur- Layak Singh, Kinshuk Bairagi and Nikhil Kaushik so it can well be said that the site is by the people who have “been there”.

Apart from the innovative concept the site is fresh and real. The opening page of the site might resemble to that of Facebook but as you probe further you will find that the contents and facilities offered are far more wide and different, it is not just a social networking website rather is a social-networking cum dating portal.


The effectiveness of the site lies in the fact that it caters to the demand of a very distinctive group who are much in need of help. Moreover, it is user friendly – simple to understand and easy to use. It is very clear about its target audience and targets youth from the premier colleges of India. It’s simple and yet sophisticated.

Special features: Browsing through, you’ll find some special features which add to the site’s appeal.

It is designed in such a way that you can be sure you are not wasting your pick up lines on a cute photograph while on the other end a bunch of guys are having a hearty laugh. The registration is a detailed process which involves verification and authentication of user’s credentials, personal email address, contact number as well as ID proofs. Only after submitting details, the user will get an email confirmation from the site and will receive a code on the mobile phone.  The process is bound to reduce fake profiles and increase your chances of GETTING A REAL DATE. Another attraction that the site holds is its three-step dating system which involves becoming buddies first and then flirting and the third is the step where you can go for a date.

The site offers other technical features like the facility to send messages to your buddy’s phone, purchasing real gifts from points earned while interacting as well as the option to go on virtual dates.

There are many free online dating sites out there but why is this one making a buzz? Well, it’s because of its uniqueness and “we care” attitude.  It’s not just about dating but rather about connecting, flirting and mingling with like-minded people. Its poles apart from matrimony sites and it would be ridiculous to compare the two. While the matrimony sites shout, marry, marry, marry, Dateiitians.com provides you with an option to make buddies, know each other, flirt and develop a true relationship to find your soul mate.

So let’s stop praying to cupid to strike when we have a more reliable and easier way to make the magic happen.

Cause-and-effect relationships in a personal, public, or campus

Relationships are the only thing people learn after birth because they have relationships of mother, father, brother, sister and friend soon once they know the world. So it can be said that relationships is not only the life of the people but also the way to move ahead in the life and to learn on the life new things. There are many kinds of relationships exists or happens during the whole life. Sometime relationships are good and sometime are bad. In personal life relationships are far important than the other public or campus life because if personal life get disturb because of the relationships you will not be able to grow or think about something else because without relationship you will feel your life like a living -dead human beings, who will live his life but not like a happy human as it should live. The effect of bad relationship is too bad as seen from the past happenings surrounding me. For example there was a family where the family head got relationship with other person and thus caused the divorce in the older family and because of that divorce the children and earlier wife suffered a lot, there situation became very bad, the children were unable to get food and education as it was earlier.

So all this happened because of the bad relationship among the husband and wife. Not only this the relationship with the other family persons are also important and to know their feeling and emotions so have long live relationships because everything depends on the relationship. The distance between the family and other loved ones increases because of the bad personal relationships. It affects the family and to the related person badly and effects the family and to the person too in number of ways such that the happy life ends, tension and stress comes to the way, life will be without aim and there will be nothing in life like before so there are many effects because of the bad relationships. The relationships in public are also important to live social life better. But still there are many causes by which the relationships creates issue in the human life, such as not interacting with the people, behave with them like nothing, don’t help others and don’t respect to the people outside the home or personal life. It causes effect such as people will not help you, they will not allow you to participate in ant events, will not allow you to go with them, you will not be able to live your social life perfectly. In the campus relationship too if you don’t have good relationships with your friend they will not help you in any ways. The causes of issue of relationships in campus include such as not helping to your friends, creating trouble for them, hating to them and not sharing your though with them, not respecting their feelings and emotions. This effects in many ways, as inside and outside the campus, you will not be able to live your life perfectly like as your friends, you can not go in groups, discussion etc.