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The Trendy T@ttoo

Should I get that cool, sexy tattoo on my body? How many times have we mulled over this single question but are stopped midway with thoughts like, “our parents would get a mild heart attack” or “it would pain a lot”. Tattoos are the “in” thing these days and are thought of as being cool and trendy. People have their own reasons for getting a tattoo, some do it to express their individuality, some do it for paying tribute to people while some get them for the sake of a wonderful memory which they want to keep close to their heart. Tattoo is a very personal decision, it would literally stay with you “forever” so “think well before you ink”. The first things that you need to know are the risks involved in getting a permanent tattoo.

The Risks 

  • Infection – Dirty needles can pass infections, like hepatitis and HIV, from one person to another.
  • Allergies – Allergies to various ink pigments in both permanent and temporary tattoos have been reported and can cause problems.
  • Scarring – Unwanted scar tissue may form when getting or removing a tattoo.
  • Granulomas – These small knots or bumps may form around material that the body perceives as foreign, such as particles of tattoo pigment.
  • MRI complications – People may have swelling or burning in the tattoo when they have magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This happens rarely and does not last long.

Next, you need to find a good place about which you are sure about so that the above risks are minimized.

The most important decision is the quest for the perfect tattoo. Don’t just go for random designs that might look good, go for something that is meaningful and has a connection with you. Express something from your tattoo like a “live and let live” type of quote can be used to express your motto of life; a sketch of a Scorpio can be used to represent your zodiac sign etc.

There is a growing demand of tattoo quotes these days. They are better because they are more expressive and people can create their own quote. Choose a phrase which makes a statement not something as senseless as,” word sound power”  You can even consider using a foreign language or foreign letters for your tattoo, this can make it even more interesting.  Some Latin phrases are here for your help.

Latin phrase

English meaning

  • Non ducor duco
I am not led, I lead
  • Audax at fidelis
bold but faithful
  • Luctor et emergo
I struggle and emerge
  • Temet nosce
Know thyself
  • Veni, vidi, vici
I came, I saw, I conquered
  • Verba volant, scripta manent
Words fly away, writings remain
  • Veritas lux mea
Truth is my light
  • Vincit qui se vincit


He conquers who conquers himself.

If you are aware about the risks involved, the pain you would have to endure, the pocket money you would have to loose and your parent’s wrath and you still want that tattoo then you should go for it. Just take your decision wisely.

Love towards fashion of Eugenie de Montijo

A famous painter named as Franz Winter Halter create a painting that visualise the garden at the Versailles , women dressing in a old eighteenth century that is made of gold taffeta and the hair of the women is made of the white powder.   This painting is quite awesome in many ways, as the dress is of the gold of the women; hair is with the white powder, opulent design of garment, visualization of the garden, fashionable style of the skirt, and ribbon. All these things are very eye catching. The next things that come to the mind is that what is this painting all about? Who is she? And why the painter made this painting of her with gold fashion dress and in royal garden? What is the story behind this?  So the answer is very simple to all the questions in one line as the last empress of French named as Eugenie de Montijo. Eugenie de Montijo was the last empress of the French and was a Spanish countess. She was born in 5 May, 1826 and died in 11 July 1920. She married to Napoleon – III that’s why she was the last empress of French.  It is known about her that she was very charming, beautiful, sensitive and polite. She was the last women to reign over France during the second empire. She came to France to educate but soon after some time she married to Napoleon and became the very powerful and public figure in Europe. If you thoroughly go in to the details of the profile of the Eugenie de Montijo, you will call her as feminist today.

She followed the footsteps of the great queens who were the good female leader during their time such as Queen Elizabeth, Maria Theresa,   Catherine, and Marie Antoinette.    She was much practiced to the Catholic and soon grounded in the faith there and became very devout of the Church.  She first time met to Lois Napoleon Bonaparte when he was at the President of the French Second Republic and soon became the attraction for Louis and the Spanish beauty was taken by him.  She had already the reputation as the women leader but after marrying with Louis the position became very strong. She was considered as the object of Louis desire but she mentioned to everyone that except her husband no one can have her. These things perhaps have knocked the mind of Louis but instead of it he was fallen in his desire for her deeply like a forbidden fruit for him. By this title of Louis the family of the Louis were extremely amused. It was assumed that Louis was marrying to the women who is below his station and doesn’t suit to the family. The major reason for the Louis to marry with Spanish women Eugenie de Montijo was so that after becoming the emperor he will have legitimate son and heir. During year, 1856 she born a child named as Prince Imperial Napoleon Eugene Louis Jean Joseph Bonaparte and he was the only child of her. This gave the future empire of the French and it seemed as the stability in the empire of the Bonaparte. She also served the public a lot and made number of public relations as being a part of the New France Government. As being a charming, pleasant, polite and simple behaviour, people of the France supported her. She attracted number of people around the world through her politeness and beauty.  People started to give the example of her that because of her the Napoleon family will rule again on France.

She was very much found of the fashion and current trending in dresses, she wore the cage crinolines first time in year 1855 and after some time the large bell like skirt. This showed that she was very fond of the fashion and garments.  She almost tried all types of France fashion garments. The western culture started to follow her in fashion and garments. Even though as it seems that her life must be glamorous and splendid but in reality it was not like that. Her life was full of the danger and political problems. As in her personal life Napoleon was not a faithful husband to her, he used the advice of her, because of her smartness, intelligent and wisdom but not supported on many events for his own sake. Sometimes she ruled over the France with her own decisions and then there will be some political and social problems which caused her in great trouble as few of the social and political people became the enemy of her.  The best example can be seen from the great work that she did and influenced to the public through the good policies and decisions but many times came under attacked by the Italian emperor so the public of the France thought it like a conspiracy for them.  This created a danger for her life as she was called as the France ruined and helping to the Italian improper because these Italians were, for them sometime Napoleon was a member. Anti-Catholic officials in the area had closed the grotto, but Eugenie was a believer and when the Prince Imperial was cured by water from Lourdes which Eugenie had sent for, the Empress used her influence to have the grotto. She fought a lot in her life and faced every kind of danger as being an empress of France. But during the same time some other emperor became stronger and the problem became terrible to secure the providence from them.

During year 1873, the emperor died and her son died in year 1879 in South Africa while fighting with the Zulus. She avoided all political issues and returned to her old villa in Hampshire alone. She made good relations with British and in year 1887 she was honoured with the position of the Godmother. While visiting her own country Spain at the age of 94, she was buried in Imperial Crypt where her husband and son buried already. This shows the life of her with passion, charm and wisdom that also includes the fashion and garments too her life. Fashion was the passion of Europe that time as most of the western countries followed her. She favoured the Rocco style instead of the renaissance style of Europe. She also created her own styles and designs too. The Tuileries was a place where the grand balls were full of dance, music, fashion and art. But the fashion became the central model there during the time of Eugenie where she changed the fashion style as in fresh and beautiful way. The Tuileries would also hold the two types of masquerade such as mask and dresses. In 1854 there was huge influence of her on the public and to the many emperors which suggest that how the fashion got changed based on her thoughts and style so the Tuileries place was full of the beautiful fashions and style.

The court in The Tuileries, were influenced and every person over there was dressing like the style of her. She dressed herself in different ways for the same day as in day time she wore the woollen, poplin or silk dresses, which was rainbow colors, plain or painted too. She was very much fond of the pastel shades like dove gray, cream, or buttercup yellow. This indicates that how she changed the mindset of the people in regard to the fashion and style.   Charles Frederick worth was an English born fabric sales man as of her dream. He was inspired by the designs and fashion and emphasized to restructuring his own design. First time Eugenie de Montijo found the dress by him at an exhibition and slowly she became his one of the most important client. Soon after some time he only designed for her and was called as the engineer of the structure of fashion design. She was one of the first women to wear the cage crinoline of his design and this was much lighter than the earlier traditional designs. She also pioneered the shortening of the skirts to feel more comfortable. Worth introduced the shoulder hung court train in fashion for her, and so she was one of the models that time with the latest fashion and dresses. Sometime later, Worth also introduced back swept skirt.

As the painting of Franz Winter Halter describes that she loved the dark fashion dresses as well. This second empire was a trend of changing the fashion for a time being in future. The second empire wanted to bring the prosperity and wellness in France. So for this time The Tuileries place was seen as the royalty will come to this place from the world. The designs were really good that time and every lady there was not supposed to wear the design twice like that.

A fashion designer that was radical in his approach!

You wonder who was this fashion designer? None but ALEXANDER MCQUEEN which changed the definition of fashion design. In year 1992, he started fashion designing as it was very different from others. His fashion was of Avant grade design. He always used to arrange his fashion design show in empty buildings, bus stations, with the high end shocking touch. He used to say the fashion designing as the savage beauty. He made fashion design romantic and seductive for the fashion world. He always thought about the uniqueness of the design and shocked to the fashion designers for the world. The main approach that he stated was as the techno look with the design. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN designed many dresses even the famous wedding dresses of the Prince William in year 2011. He presented many fashion designs in the number of shows during his 40 years of age. His each design was original and not copied from anyone else and this made the fashion design a revolution to all.

He made lots of unbelievable fashion design and shocked to the world. Every fashion is radical if not matched to the traditional fashion designs in the world of fashion design. This fashion designer also designed the low rise fashion for the jeans. He is also considered as the beginner of the drama and the extravagance at the catwalk. He always used to do such fashion activities with innovation that has never been introduced anywhere yet. He altered the human’s point of view towards the fashion design experts. He often shocked to the audiences and make surprised to them by the different twist to the fashion dimensions. He was also first design person to introduced to the Indian model in London fashion show.

Are luxury fashion products suitable for e-retailing?

The luxury fashion industry is a global multi-billion dollar sector comprising of a multitude of brands with high relevance. Among these are brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Gucci. They are also among the most valuable and influential brands in the world. Despite the large size and income generation of the global luxury fashion industry, the sector has witnessed a slow growth in its strategic business direction. This is because for a long time luxury brands were managed through traditional business methods where decisions were made based on intuition and sometimes on a trial basis. These traditional methods also featured a strong focus on product development and publicity generation through conventional advertising methods. However, the rapid development and complexity of the global business environment currently requires modern and sophisticated business practices in luxury goods management.

Present Situation:

In December 2009 the journalist Marie-Louise Gumuchian, wrote that luxury consortiums are concentrating on winning clients as they arise from the worst economic crisis in decades.  According to the consulting agency Bain & Company and their annual study Luxury Goods

Worldwide Market, they expected sales to drop 8 % to € 153 billion, for the year of 2009.

The authors of the earlier mentioned report foresee that a full recovery of the luxury market will not take place until 2011, but then the growth will be 4.2 % for the whole year.

The demand for global luxury online sales is on the increase. Recent reports indicate that the wealthy are almost all online and are pleased with making online purchases. In most developed economies, Internet penetration is as high as 95% and the ratio of wealthy people who have bought products worth above $250 online versus the rest of the population is 3:1. This has given rise to the question of selling luxury goods online.

Brand integrity and brand dilution

The hardest part for a luxury fashion brand is to balance the sales volume, the profit and the brand integrity. If this balance is not upheld there are several risks; selling too few products minimizes profit opportunities, selling too many dilutes the brand. Another problem is that the changes occurring in brand integrity and image do not happen all at once, they occur over a long period of time, this is why brands are often tempted to over-supply and when doing so it is easy to fall in the trap.

Luxury branding online/brand integrity online

In later years the Internet has been given a fundamental part in the marketing and communication strategies of many luxury brands. For many luxury brands the Internet is a very good media for accessing, organizing and presenting information directed towards their suppliers and consumers. The websites of the luxury brands present online today  differs a  lot in interactivity, level of consumer service, personalization, style, design and experience giving. Many different tactics and ways of presenting information online are tested by luxury brands regularly, but few seem to have really found  the exceptional way of doing it.

Researchers Riley & Lacroix (2003) say  that  the  Internet can be very effective as a communication medium for luxury goods mostly due to these products having high costs, low purchase rates and high value with high differentiation characteristics. On the other hand, since luxury products often are products where the buying experience is a large part of the buying decision, the Internet might be better as a source of information than as a selling channel.


The Internet is an important factor for these brands in order to reach a global consumer group, as mentioned earlier. Since the fashion trends are becoming more global, the brands can to a greater extent offer the same products to a bigger market, therefore is the Internet a suitable and convenient tool. For the brands is the Internet also a tool to keep a high level of band equity and a way for creating many opportunities for developing deeper consumer relationships.

To sell luxury products online has been a subject of a varying discussion. There are those that who think that e-retailing has a negative impact on the core attributes of luxury brands, like prestige and exclusivity. Another argument is that luxury products heavily relies on aesthetics and sensory factors at their sale points and therefore questions the ability to recreate this on the Internet. Okonkwo (2007) indicates however that recent advancement in e-retailing, as tools and techniques, has made selling luxury products online practical. It is therefore now vital for luxury brands to be online to be able to compete on the global market. The Internet has also made it possible for consumers all over the world to get access of the same information at the same time, thereby have their desire for more information and purchase possibilities increased. The assortment for luxury consumers has expanded greatly through the Internet. Consumers are now used to have access to product in this way and have therefore become more demanding and impatient. Product accessibility has for that reason become one of the key decision factors when buying luxury products.

The Asian market for fashion and apparel is expected to perform well in 2010, posting demand growth of almost 5% over 2009 and surpassing demand in Western Europe. The sector will continue to experience healthy average annual demand growth of about 5% through 2014.Luxury consumer behavior online

The group of consumers that buy luxury products online is growing fast and steadily, according to Okonkwo (2007). They make recurrent purchases in those luxury web-shops that exist today. These consumers are also more willing to do continuous purchases online than offline. However, the consumers most likely to buy luxury products online are those with earlier contacts with the brands. This is due to consumers being affected by their earlier shopping experiences, both offline and online. If consumers already have a good brand experience it enhances their evaluation process whether or not to buy the product online.

As emerging markets mature, consumption of luxury goods is no longer restricted to upscale department stores and boutiques. Electronic sales of luxuries via computers and mobile devices are expanding and becoming very profitable. Luxury brands were challenged to develop long-term digital strategies by accommodating e-commerce and m-commerce demand. New electronic luxury retailers have successfully entered the elite markets and continue to succeed in shifting the business away from the luxury retail locations in urban brick-and-mortar stores. Competition has created the phenomenon of discounted luxury, escalated by the global recession in the Western world and strong demand in the emerging economies where consumers eager to celebrate their new wealth by buying designer labels. Though luxury goods are available there for a several years, they mostly have been distributed by the middlemen and are out-of-season.