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Cupid goes to Geekville as techies search online for ‘true love’

Since 1951, the hallowed corridors of IIT Kharagpur (IIT-K) and its sister institutes across India, have produced a crop of the best brains in the country — with intelligence that can rival the Jobs and Gates of the world and armed with pay packages that can give our Jatt boyz a run for their dowry. But behind the success stories of these nerds, geeks and techies, have lingered dark secrets — of long days wasted caressing machines, of lonely nights spent recalling how a real-woman-without-myopia looked like, and of hours exhausted devising mathematical formulae on ‘how to make eye-contact with the cute girl who visits the grocery store?’

If popular stories emanating from some of the best educational institutes in India like the IITs, IIMs and NITs are anything to go by, it won’t be too hard to believe that the skewed boy-to-girl ratio in these institutions has led to many a Devdas-in-the-making. “Even with your high profile IIT degree and your sky-high value in the marriage market, you are still stuck with one of the few girls from IIT, who in no way can be a 10-pointer on looks. That is seriously unfair,” Deepjyoti Deka, a B-tech from IIT Guwahati, sighs.

But now, three IIT-K graduates have taken upon themselves the task of alleviating the dire straits of their forlorn mates. In January this year, 22-year-olds Layak Singh, Kinshuk Bairagi and Nikhil Kaushik launched a social dating website called DateIITians that encourages IITians (primarily, and also those from IIMs, NITs, med schools and other geek-producing institutes) to explore ‘meaningful relationship’ opportunities among, well, lesser mortals.

The website was conceived three years ago, when the trio, still in the second year of their engineering, opted for an internship with an education consultancy company in Kolkata. “While mentoring IIT and IIM aspirants on how to crack the entrances, we came across many interesting (and interested) girls who we otherwise had no chance of meeting,” says Singh. A vision dawned on them — of a world where geeks and nerds can mingle freely, without hesitation and sans prescribed scientific dos and don’ts, with people from the opposite sex. Thus was born DateIITians.

Three 22-year olds have launched a dating website called DateIITians that encourages IITians (primarily, and also med schools and other geek-producing institutes) to explore ‘meaningful relationship’ opportunities among, well, lesser mortals.

After a registration process, followed by a three-step verification to limit fake profiles, a member can get access to network among peers, flirt with interested candidates, develop a crush and make a proposal. “Requests have to be sent on each step. A buddy request can be followed by a flirt request which can be a personal message or a gift,” Singh says. Gifts can be bought on the site itself through e-commerce and when flirting takes you to the stage where your heart starts fluttering, you can then send a crush request and take it further with a proposal. Singh says, “We are very strict about the content and hence filter all slangs and lewd comments by tracking messages with key-words.”

The website is currently in its alpha stage and new features are being planned for updates, including a 3D chat. “For a guy in a place like Kharagpur, to take a beautiful girl out on a date would mean travelling three hours to Kolkata,” Singh laughs. “So with 3D chat, people will have the option to go on virtual dates.” This means your online avatar can take your partner’s avatar to a cafe, watch a movie or play a game and if, science allows, part with a goodnight kiss.

DateIITians has drawn over 7,000 members in just over four months and has seen 1,100 flirt requests. But not every geek is excited about it. Bhargav, an MBA from XLRI says bitterly, “Sites like this won’t help. Women only like to live off us. Since, most of us are not well versed with the game of love, women leave us after they are done decorating themselves with our pay-cheques.” Deka has a simpler solution for it all, “Who needs a dating site? Take the help of your shining resume and the rich uncle in Bhatinda to find a girl along with some crores.”

This article was originally posted on by SATARUPA PAUL  20th May

A psychological view on femininity and gender

Femininity refers to behaviour and ideas associated with womanliness or normative female sexuality, separable from women’s anatomical sex. As intersexual, men and women can all possess femininity, so historically the organization of this quality is quite diverse. Particularly in the transnational movement of ideas, practices and habits, conflicts occur over how feminine normality is to be understood and enforced. Thus it is important to explore femininity as such in relation to political spatiality’s or regions. In light of current Pacific Area politics and commodity flows it is illuminating to see questions of femininity via regional politics among Tokyo, London, New York, Shanghai and Beijing rather than, for instance, Buenos Aires, Mexico, Madrid, Paris and Washington. Events in Tokyo, London, Washington, Shanghai and Beijing lay at the bottom of one crisis that erupted over the question of who definitively owned normal femininity in the period of colonial modernity.

The power of transnational capital to transform states and rewrite interregional trade relations accelerated in the mid-19th  century, when Brit ain,  the United States and other imperialists sought to marketise China and Japan and assimilate the Korean peninsula into a new region named the Far East  (now  East  Asia).  The Japanese Imperial Meiji state rose and the Chinese Qing dynasty devolved to a weak form of republicanism. As the United States accelerated its empire building in the Pacific, sub imperialism emerged in which the Japanese state and corporate it ies seized territory, markets and labour on the China mainland, Taiwan, Okinawa, Korea and other traditional Chinese suzerainties.

Feminism is often portrayed as a monolithic entity, a unitary political movement with a single agenda, a relic of the past. This lecture introduces students to a social movement and body of scholarship that remains at heart, dynamic rather than static, diverse rather than uniform. It engages with liberal feminism, radical (or cultural) feminism, equality feminism, difference feminism, corporeal feminism, intersectional feminism, and poststructuralist feminism. We also trace the institutionalisation of gender studies in the academy through women’s studies, with an emphasis on the Australian context.

For example three movies named “Personal Best”, “A League of their own”, and “Pumping Iron II” visualise the ideas of being Female, Feminine and Feminist. The all problems of disclosing or interpretating which are personified in such a way that this kind of feminism language in these movies is explained and this only think about the feminism and gender.

The movie “Personal Best” is the story of two friends who got in to a personal relationship as lovers and struggled about their personal relationship to make in balance for their athletic ambitions in their life. The producers or directors of this movie were trying to show a leap or take a leap in means of broaching a topic that was not acceptable during that time. While making a strong attempt to visualize or characterize Femininity concept and being feminine, was more than people thinking because feminine was not in traditional to show her as an image of gentle, soft-spoken sweat girl dresses with pretty clothes but it was sexually charged feeling girl which was rather than a normal girl. In movies visualization of showing pictures of women who are strong, athletic, sexy, bold and beautiful on the track field means to redefine some of our preconceptions of what is feminine.

Most of the movies that show the sprinkled with lots of scenes of naked females during steam bath or over top clothes of female while completing the high jump the women are showing their naked body in most of Hollywood movies. These movies and show compel us to think what is femininity or what does it stand for? People think that feminine can only be seen if the women are a writer or director who has the thought of women.

The directors or producers of the movies “A League of their Own” were analysed a lot before writing scripting to show feminine in their scenes that gave personality and depth to each of the characters that femininity have its different forms. They showed the women in different forms and visualised to show that beauty queens, farm girls and sex pots all these characters are feminine. This movie successfully showed that how social pleasures can be by feminine during the time with scenes of the girls acting feminine on the field, taking etiquette classes and these women was judged on their beauty. All these things were successfully demonstrated in this movie and it is a good example of feminine gender.  Particularly, conventionally it can be observed that the least attractive girl or women is also seen as conventionally feminine.

It can be seen that through visualisation in this movie that the commentary on feminism predicts the actual meaning of feminism. It shows explores of women’s desire to play or act the same as men, and play sports as men and bear all the difficulties as men. The women can achieve all things of athletic quality as men. After the baseball league war the women did not persist because of the fact that the movement on a great stride for the women for equality in the last centuries shows a strong feminine perspective. If you look in to the deep thought of the movie you will see that all women in this movie are feminists having their strong desire for their own right as equally as men. Also to break cultural expectations and stereotypes for breaking the myth to play same game as men they did everything.

In another case if you will watch movie “Pumping Iron II” which is based on female bodybuilders. This addressed the femininity in society and was able to depict what is femininity. The complete focus was on Women International body building competition and the standards for the women defined in the competition.

Why happens fan violence?

Everyone in the world is a fan of someone or loves someone too much.  The interest or deep thought about someone either it is sport person or sports or actor or leader or business man etc. sometime rise the issues of fan violence.  Generally it has been seen that the fans sometime become very violence if the result of any game or anything is not in favour of the fans.  For example, In United States and Canada the introduction of the soccer game and also increase in the professionalism of the players, the Britain fan can cause the problem in North America because Britain people are more attached to this game, if in the stadium something does not go in favour of the Britain Team.  So fan violence is not a predefined incident but it is accidental.  Another example is of a soccer match on October 1977, in between Glasgow Rangers and Aston Villa, but after some time (53 minutes) the match got stop because Ranger supporters crowded on the pitch as soon as Aston Villa got a lead of 2-0.  So these are some examples which show about the fan violence. Although there have been formed some fan violence protesting teams in almost all countries and these teams take action during the sports or general meeting of the leaders.  Some standards also have been prepared to measure the fan violence based on the attitude and behaviour of the people. The main aim of the report is to analyses the fan violence because of different factors and situations that happens and creates the cause of fan violence.

Someone can’t be sure that why and when this violence will happen.  The fan violence can be happen at any moment when the followers or fans of some specific group it might be politics, sports, country and person etc. think that something is gone wrong or there is some problem to their following. So there are no specific rules of fan violence to happen. There are some more factors like emotionality, interest; professionalization and internalization which effect the match environment can lead to the fan violence. For example on 11 October 1977, in a match between Glasgow Rangers and Aston Villa, there was a meaningful and friendly match but after 53 minutes it was observed that the supporters of the Rangers reached to the pitch by breaching the security line because the Aston villa got lead in this match by 2-0.  It got started fighting in the mid pitch between the fans of both teams and referee Derek civil called both the team off and police came in to the pitch with the dogs to investigate the issue and to ask for peace between the fans. Lots of people got injured in this fan violence between the both team fans and ambulance was called for the health delivery and care of the wounded fans.  In this fan violence there were almost 99 people who got arrest and more than 20 were injured.  So this is just an example how fan violence happens.

Now the question comes out to the mind is that this fan violence is a social problem or a moral panic. The answer is bit typical as the fans belong to society as well as they create moral panic too, so what is the exact problem then. But still the answer can be given through some analysis and research on the fan violence and its causes and effects in society.  On one side it can be said that fan violence is a social problem because it happens due to the society as there are number of societies who belong to some team or have interest to a particular team.  Fan violence also can be understand as the moral panic too, because some people unnecessarily create moral panic due to communications, bad behaviour and after drinking, abuse. But in the world the main violence is due to the sports and related activities not from others. The sports fan violence gets more attention and issues in respect to the others. The media also helps to describe or spread the sports violence than others. In year 2001, a National News paper Beaton mentioned that displays of disaffection by fans alarm baseball.  This news paper describes that fan violence may increase if the baseball team didn’t performed well in the match. This is for a national where fans belong to the specific national baseball team.  In a article, it was described that the fans of Minnesota Twins caused problem for a other Yankee player in New York. The fans of Yankee threw coins, plastic beer bottles, hot dogs and golf balls because the player disappointed to the fans in game. On the same the reaction was from the head of the Baseball league that there should be any displeasure because the player did well and this is not a situation of the disappointment. The head mentioned that he had been in the same baseball world series and it cannot be said as the bad performance.

So this can be observe from the above statement that fans do not like the bad performance or if some player does against their expectation, and finally causes the problems to the player, authority of the sports, fans and societies. This means that the societies are also affected by this fan violence. Some people in the societies have lots of faith to the particular group or team or individual, if their expectations or interest goes down fan violence in the societies happens.  Fans who attend athletic events appear boisterous and animated, but seldom engage in physical confrontation with others. In countries with a more notable history of fan violence (e.g., Britain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium), fan violence occurs in about 10% of soccer matches.

For example, on July 4, 1996 the thousands of Chicago fans gathered at OK Corral and started shouted and threatened to the players and their fellow spectators and the fans fired bullets too on the players and their followers. This happened because Cubs scored against the Phillies because the fans didn’t like the score of Cubes on other team. The visiting Cubs team in this situation lost both games at Chicago in West Side Grounds.  Thus it can be said that fan violence is in cases, social problem as well as moral panic as it hurts in both ways.  Fan violence is a critical issue and cannot be controlled easily as there is no source of the fan violence and there is no fixed rule of the fan violence, it may happen any time anywhere, no one knows.







तू हो गयी है कितनी पराई ।

अथाह मन की गहराई
और मन में उठी वो बातें
हर तरफ है सन्नाटा
और ख़ामोश लफ़्ज़ों में
कही मेरी कोई बात
किसी ने भी समझ नहीं पायी
कानों में गूँज रही उस
इक अजीब सी आवाज़ से
तू हो गयी है कितनी पराई ।

अब शहनाई की वो गूँज
देती है हर वक्त सुनाई
तभी तो दुल्हन बनी तेरी
वो धुँधली परछाईं
अब हर जगह मुझे
देने लगी है दिखाई
कानों में गूँज रही उस
इक अजीब सी आवाज़ से
तू हो गयी है कितनी पराई ।

पर दिल में इक कसर
उभर कर है आई
इंतज़ार में अब भी तेरे
मेरी ये आँखें हैं पथराई
बाट तकते तेरी अब
बोझिल आहें देती हैं दुहाई
पर तुझे नहीं दी अब तक
मेरी धड़कनें भी सुनाई
कानों में गूँज रही उस
इक अजीब सी आवाज़ से
तू हो गयी है कितनी पराई ।

© दीप्ति शर्मा

Samsung’s Galaxy S III in India soon!

Have earned some money and thinking to buy a smart phone soon? Then, wait is going to be over as the anticipated smart phone by Samsung is official according to a tweet by Stuff India, “It’s official – Galaxy S3 India launch on 31st May!”  What other proof is needed than that there have been more than 9 million Pre-orders for the phone, so the demand of the Samsung smart phone can be observed. Now, through the official tweet, it has been clear that Samsung will be launch this month soon but what about the price? This question is still not answered. Earlier It was reported that the approximate price of the Samsung’s Galaxy S III in India will be at a MRP of  INR 38,000 and the street price will be at a INR 34,000. This is not the confirmed price by the Samsung India. You just need to pay INR 2000 for pre – booking and rest amount at the time of launch, stated on the Samsung web official website. Full specification of the smart phone as given on the official website are as follows:

PLATFORM Band 3G Band Yes
Operating System Android 4.0 (ICS)
SIZE Dimension (HxWxD) 70.6X136.6X8.6
DISPLAY Internal Technology HD sAMOLED
Resolution 720×1280 (HD)
Size 12.19cm (4.8″)
Color Depth 16M
BATTERY Standard Capacity 2100 mAh
Auto Focus Yes
CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth Profiles Yes
CHIPSET Chipset CPU Speed 1.4GHz
Type Quad Core Application Processor
CAMERA Camera Resolution(Front) Available
Camera Resolution(Rear) 8 MG
PLATFORM Band 2G Band Yes
SIM Support Yes
External Memory Slot Yes
Earjack Yes


“Samsung GALAXY S III just gets us. Little things, like staying awake when you look at it and keeping track of loved ones. designed for humans, it goes beyond smart and fulfills your needs by thinking as you think, acting as you act.” via a



Human sexuality – the way of life !

While creating the humans nature has provided them with different characteristics and behaviour so that they can observe and feel the natural environment accordingly. The more specific creation of the nature is men and women, both are humans with specific characters and organisms which makes them sensible and to understand feelings of others. Both have natural attraction to each other because both have their necessities with each other. Men is only complete with women and women with men, single person without attracting to each other is incomplete. Even though some of them attract to the same sex because of the environment they have and their physical and mental characteristics. Human sexuality in men and women make them to attract to each other. This is defined as the ability of expressing erotic responses and erotic characteristics. There are some people in the world that attracts to the same sex means homosexual or some attract to the opposite sex it means heterosexual.

You can see good example of human sexuality around you as when teens cross age of 14 or 16 they naturally start attracting towards the opposite sex person either men to women or women to men. It may be for both sides. For example,  boy being attractive towards a girls but she did not like her and tried to avoid from him. So this is the case when you are attracting to someone but that person is not interested to you. In this age or earlier the parents need to explain to the children about the human sexuality and its effects and benefits. This will help them to understand the human sexuality and then they will be stopped to doing any wrong step towards human sexuality. At this age in the children, to know all things comes as the big problem and if they don’t find the right answer they move from here to there. They can also turn to the wrong path in absence of the correct knowledge.

Now days as observing the requirement of this, in many schools, colleges and in universities the courses related to human sexuality has been started so that the student can learn or have the right knowledge about the human sexuality or even can ask his/her doubts.  Generally it has been found from the earlier researches that the human sexuality is basically a genetics characteristics and it determines by the environment also. For better understanding of the human sexuality it has to be study the research and theory given by Mr. Sigmund Freud. But for learning or understanding the human sexuality , there is need of the huge complex literature or earlier research but as seen it comes by the age naturally as it is natural process that by age you will learn. As same case my parents didn’t teach me anything about the human sexuality.

When a boy or men attract to the girl or women then it is called as human sexuality because the men seek hi necessities in to the women and women in to the men. Certain characteristics are believed to be innate in humans, although they may be modified by interactions with the physical and social environment. Suppose you live in the forest, then there will be some animal characteristics inside you because environmental and behaviour around you also affects the human sexuality. After some time you might see yourself to love with animals because you live there and you learnt their characteristics. According to British philosopher John Locke, there is no innate difference between the human but they are always shaped because of the social environment present there. The human sexuality is also affected by the education that the human have. For example, in western countries where there is open education for sexuality and related things, the people who live or educate there know about it in more details and they can discuss in open eve their parents also teach them the same but in eastern countries like India, Pakistan, this kind of education is not available or not allowed so the people live here don’t talk much about the human sexuality and they have lack of knowledge of sexuality.

Human sexuality is the natural activity that comes in to the human naturally, but yes this is also affected by the society, culture, environment and education.

International Spill overs and Water Quality in Rivers: Do Countries Free Ride?

Spill over problem is a big issue for the whole world because due to this the quality of water decreases and causes a lot of problems. Spill over causes the environmental issues, climate change, ozone depletion and acid rains. A lot of research has been done on environmental issues by the whole world to resolve it but few of them are in practice. Statistical analysis also made from the river and environmental data. The data given by GEMS for the 49 countries describes the difference between domestic observations (68%) and international observations (32%).

The river water quality is also affected by human population. We see that a lot of causes the water quality degradation in rivers. International rivers flow more than the domestic rivers because of pollutant concentration. This data has been verified from the GEMS river flow data and temperature. The effect of spill overs on pollution can be determined using statistics equations including the factors like upstream pollution, GDP per capita etc. While doing statistical analysis it shows some errors in estimation because of differences in monitoring frequencies. The effect varies from one country to another as variability in data for domestic and international stations.

The pollution level at the upstream boarder’s stations is 42% higher than the other stations. Statistically determined point estimates on downstream are lower than the upper stream. Statistical analysis sometime is difficult because it includes countries effect which varies frequently. The countries where there are shared rivers the free riding national pollution level will be higher as compared to others. External borders to the EU, upstream stations have higher up to 111% more pollution level than others. In EU stations according to statistical analysis the free riding is less than non-EU upstream stations. There are some more factors which also affects the cost and benefits of water quality. The population in upstream stations have significantly positive coefficient as illustrated in the report. Including country effect in upstream population the elasticity is 0.007.

Rate of flow of river enters with negative coefficient which is consistent with dilution. In upper stream the deoxygenating rate, denoted by ‘k’ has significantly positive point estimate which is inconsistent to lower stream. But if you introduce country effect while analysing the spill over and water quality in rivers, the obtained time trend is significantly positive. The empirical analysis analyse that the international spill overs impair water quality in rivers. Pollution in the stations outside of EU has higher than the other stations. This report suggests that there is nothing any kind of collaboration among the countries regarding this kind of spill over problem and sharing the rivers to the boarders.

Overall it suggests that if there is no river sharing among the countries and also if there is no proper environment situations available to handle this kind of spill over problems it is very difficult to overcome this problem.

Review: The Tiger’s Wife

The Tiger’s Wife: A Novel is authored by Tea Obreht which is filled with the surprising moments inside it. There have been introduced small-small scenes full of wondrous moments, presence of power, beauty and sense of wisdom. In this novel the author tried to explain about the human context to luminous life. Natalia an adult doctor, she is moving from here to there across the unknown places to delivering the medicines when think about her dead grandfather starts to grieve and remembers the lessons that he taught her and the stories he told her. The stories told by her grandfather were not based on the centre theme as death. But these include how the person faced death, how they fear and how it is embraced. The first question that arises in to my mind is that in this novel at every moments death is focused with fear, trouble and embracing nature, why it is so? As I think it is the central theme of the novel to put ideas and vision about the death through the various stages of death. I love to read this novel again and again as it gives me the pleasure to know about the wonderful moments inside it.  Death is everywhere, you cannot escape from it but yes you can make your death as live for forever.

In this novel the representation of the death is nice, it can be by anyways, it can be due to war, it can be through disease, it can be by animal and it may be due to man and child. But in this novel there is a counterpart of the death as presented by the Author as a character that cannot die and thus the story told by grandfather goes on.  Death is itself another virtual character in this novel ‘The Tiger’s Wife’ which has been presented as devil here. Devil as a character in this novel seem as little bit obscure as a character like in Grandfather’s story of else’s uncle who is suspected of disguising an artful or simulated semblance of a tiger by others. Definitely, the symbol as Tiger is also a force of death, which fears to others but tiger’s wife doesn’t fear. This explains in this novel that for a life fear is necessary but it should be for right things. Finally, if I can talk about the theme of the novel then it totally surrounded by death as it is a subject matter of this novel. In meaning full sense if ask for the answer as mentioned above then it must be the same. As everyone has fear of death, it might be in different ways, but they have. The most beautiful thing of the novel is to present the characters as in live form and the circumstances happened there as seem as natural. Surely, the author has put his whole intentions to attract the readers not only for words written inside it but the theme inside the novel which will make them to think more themselves so that they can connect with the novel.

Look in to the 1990s years back to that time, and think about the wars happened that time in former Yugoslavia, with their profusion of names that are difficult to pronounce and acts that are painful to recall: the massacres at Brcko and Srebrenica, the bombing of bread lines in Sarajevo, the destruction of Mostar’s 400-year-old bridge. In this novel the author didn’t mention any of these as earlier discussed in her first novel. But in this novel ‘The Tiger’s Wife’ she wrote about the historical and human context which reflects their luminous life. She illustrated many examples inside it for the ancient history and meaningful conversations to make it more live and effective. She included the fables and allegories in the novel, she also mentioned about some specific events in the novel.  The complexities of Balkan history and its cause or ways of suspicion, an irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear and continuous violence present there even there is peace that time. Have you looked or studied about the Second World War? If not, then it is better to study it as the author has described about the death caused by Second World War and the wars before this Second World War.

In this novel, in a tale written by her named as ‘Luka’, she has used metaphor which describes the achievement of the author. Luka is character in this tale as son of a brooding butcher who has high dream. He lives in small mountain village called as Galina. After the World war first, he left his village and moved 350 miles away from there, near a river port names as Sarobor. Where he thought to master the Gusla, which is a kind of single string instrument. When he reaches there, he finds the music he wants to master is no more in existing there but it has been shaped in to another form as rollicking which is a modern tune and is played by lusty music brands there. But soon he searched a person who was old but the old person was master of the old and traditional songs. He learnt the traditional songs there and acquires the old art form that old man.  But in general he prefers the traditional lyrics rather than music. One woman asked him that why he not plays an instrument that has more string, and why he plays with a instrument of single string. Luka answered in a very nice way as “Fifty strings sing one song, but this single string knows a thousand stories.” This means that all the fifty strings in the instrument will sing a one song at a time but this with only string will play a thousand songs.

Thus from this tale stated in the novel clearly explains that how that boy learns the traditional songs or music. He does not learn the modern songs or lyrics but he enjoys the old lyrics. This shows that the boy doesn’t have the fear of the things in front of him but he want to learn what he want or for what he came there. In Second World War, the death may happen, it is a fear there but the dream should be fulfilled.

The author in this novel mentioned about the different aspects of the life in real ways, and tried to represent like there will always be the flow of the story and the reader can understand the story behind it and connect to himself to the flow of the story. I might also think that the author tries to figure out each moment to be wonderful and mysterious. Each story in the novel is explained as narrator of the author instead of a research.  Natalia Stefanovic a young daughter who belongs to Balkan city which is unnamed to the people, outside of that, she lives with her family. In her family there are four members as her own mother, grandfather and grandmother. This has been mentioned in the story in the novel as she lives in 21st century. She generally likes to see herself engaging in delivering of medicines across the broader and always tries to be with the persons who are not much old fashioned and not much rational to be cowed, neither the person should be too modern. She thinks that the person whom she should mix up must be not too old fashioned or not to be too modern.

She prefers Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. Her father was a respectable doctor and a professor and was found of visiting the zoos o regular basis which was formerly a sultan’s a fortified defensive structure. Doctor always went to visit there A building where birds are kept and where owl sleep in day, and alongside with it to the moat where the tigers were moving easily here and there and observed them closely. As mentioned in the quote in the novel by author as  “Past the aviary where the sharp-eared owls sleep,” This means that the doctor always went there with his granddaughter to see the close activities and their life in Zoo especially of the tiger. The doctor always told her the stories of death, fear and she started to listen rapt there. Her grandfather told her a story about a girl who as knows as the Tiger’s wife. That time her granddaughter thought that this is a story of a fairy tale, as because her grandfather always handed her a story books written by Rudyard Kipling named as “Jungle Book”. She always though as her grandfathers is a fount of fantasy as her a private lyric poet.

In this novel “The Tiger’s Wife,” Obreht explains that she always think as a richy colored silk like a mental impression retained and recalled from the past in the modern coming age of Natalia.  Thus I can say that in this part of the story Natalia learnt from her grandfather a lot of stories revolving around the death, fear and embracement.  Also the story moves ahead and states that at time when she was very young or teenagers, there has been a war there in the place called as Balkans and all destroyed. The zoo closed, and the surrounding area was like a curfew that time. She and many other friends who lived there found themselves a s now lonely and in the mild lawlessness. Thus in the mod of Natalia the fear came in and she then started to think about the stories told by her grandfather and she grieved. But one day when she missed her grandfather he dearest and reliable friend, she grieved a lot that night and she missed him a lot. Then she started to follow his each tale and sentences told to her at the young age.  But she didn’t know the meaning of the sentences said by her grandfather before the war.

As I see is that she learnt a lot form her grandfather but now she is following them after the war where nothing is left and everywhere there is death, fear. She followed her grandfather in each street, each dark areas, but could not find him. Instead of it while moving she saw that there is an elephant that has lost or ran from the circus where he was used to work, the elephant came out of circus to the streets of the city and now there in the city everyone was fear of death because of animal. But when she thought to tell to her friends then she realized that none of her friends will listen to her.  “None of my friends will ever believe it,” she exclaims in regret. Her friends will think that she is making them fool or even her grandfather will say the same. If her grandfather will be there he would suggest her that the war that happened there is not because of the only few person involved in it but it belongs to everyone who either involved in writing the newspapers, publishing the stories, politicians and also the people who have never ever heard of the place and war before, everyone is included in this war.  She had to think that where she should tell her story or this incident happened there; she has to decide by herself. She has to think who would like to listen this or who deserves to hear this story?  This question will itself transform her thought like a bard because now she tells the story to others and it seems like fairy tell to them.

I would like to say that this novel created a very good impact of the death and fear surrounded to the characters in the novel. There are many characters in the novel but of Natalia, her grandfather, and death as ghost is most important. The wondrous moments inside the novel are quite good and surprising. The whole novel seems as completely full of death, and fear.

Role of Teachers for International Student!

In today’s world students are going from one country to other country to get or learn better education. The student when approach to new place then the most important person for the student is teacher. The student works or starts study based on the guidance of his teacher. Role of teacher is important but  if suppose the teacher does not help to the student, can the consequences imagine. In this situation the role of the teacher becomes most important to the students to guide him in each situation and help him to do better. An international student goes to attend the college or university under the guidance of the perspective teacher or professor. It happens for more than 80% student, so for there is need to have proper guidance by the teacher.  Teacher can also help the student by taking a role of the cultural mediators to him. So all these statement indicates that the role of the teacher cannot be ignored towards the international student. It causes problem to number of students, so the questions is that does it necessary to help the teacher all time, no it might not be.  For example when an Asian student goes to USA for higher education considering as USA is the best place to study so he will learn more good things there. So for this the student depends on the teacher how will help him to learn more. The teacher role then becomes more important. If the behavior of teacher towards the international student is not kind of racism but instead of that the teacher behavior and attitude is quite good then the international student will not face the problem of cultural shock.

In most cases, when Asian students go to USA or UK then the feel that where he has come as the culture is totally different than in Asian countries. They find themselves not to fit in the new environment there but in these cases the teacher is the only person who works as a cultural mediator between the student and the present environment there. But why this happens, why not Asian country allow their students to involve in various culture so that the there will not be problem.  Cultural shock is a normal problem for the international student but it not much challenging issue for the international student. Some of the international student who is coming from Asian countries faces more direct problems but they can solve those entire problems by their own way but in some cases international student are unable to solve those direct and indirect problems of culture shock there. Then here the most helpful person is teacher and his behavior. Not all students are like Barbara Ehrenreichin ‘Cultural Baggage’ who belong to the multicultural environment and can adopt new things or environment easily so for those international students who are unable to deal with the cultural shocks need help of their teacher. The teacher then helps the student to learn the culture and not worry about the things happening there because of the culture change. He helps them by guiding how to incorporate in the different culture and how to communicate with other students. The teacher also asks other students to help the new international students so that he can learn easily and can adopt in the new culture.

The teacher behavior and his attitude towards the students help him to gain the cultural knowledge and the student can discuss his problems with the teacher easily if the behavior and attitude is good towards the students. This leads the student to encourage developing the multicultural in him. In ‘scholarship boy’ the boy thinks when he reaches to other place for study ‘How could he and still pursue such a contrary life? He permits himself embarrassment at their lack of education’. This means the scholarship boy is now in the cultural shock problem as he is unable to deal or solve the problems as he finds other students better than him. He finds the different culture there and asks himself that how he can pursue in different environment. At this situation Hoggart’s help to guide the scholarship boy to learn the grammar encouraged him to enjoy the environment and after some time the scholarship boy thanks to his parents to ask him to learn English. The scholarship boy states ‘I intended to hurt my mother and father, I was still angry at them for having encouraged me towards classroom English.

But gradually this anger was exhausted.’ So here also can say the teacher’s behavior and help encouraged him to reduce cultural shock. Bell Hooks mentions in her article ‘From Teaching to Transgress: Education as the practice of the freedom’ that ‘Teachers worked with end for us to ensure that we would fulfill our intellectual destiny and by so doing uplift the race. To fulfill this teacher made sure me that they knew us, they knew our economic status, they knew our parents, and they knew our feelings.’ So this means the if the teacher behavior is good towards the students who is there to learn new things, the international student will definitely learn the things easily and will not have the problem of the cultural shock as in this article the teacher behaved her like teacher knew her for a long time and she now belongs to their family. These kinds of nature is definitely an important thing for the international student to come out of the bad dream of the cultural shock and the student will feel more energetic and will see around all things as their own culture and family environment.

Obviously, when some student comes to an unfamiliar place they will be in problem of cultural shock as it will not be easy for them  to adopt the culture and environment present here easily. For some students it will take less time to adopt but for some it will take more time to adopt. But if the teacher will help these students to grasp the things easily and will encourage them to adopt the culture easily, then it will be very helpful for the international students to be in the different environment and learn better. But not all the teachers are enough good some of the teachers create more pressure on the Asian International student and don’t co-operate with them to get rid of this cultural shock phobia. If in this regard if the teacher fully supports to the student to develop his cultural activities and to adopt the environment present there, it will help a student to involve in the USA or UK cultural environment.

If the Asian international student can go for lunch or dinner with the teacher or teacher can ask to the native students to take the fellow with them while going for lunch or dinner then this will help the student to come out of fear and earn more about the culture there.  It should be all international students, because it gives them courage to move ahead, if it will not be the students will be in under pressure, so there must be some activities there for the student only then these students will learn how to involve there. Interaction with the native students of the Asian International student will help him to gain the culture, their living life and behavior towards them, as a friend he will not feel lonely to him and will always be in touch of the culture. Thus, the phobia of cultural shock will be out of the student mind and slowly – slowly the student will adopt the culture. In this case the role of teacher is also most important as if he goes out with the students and talks with him out of academics then the confidence level of the student increases and he stimulates to learn more about the things early, easily and eagerly. This not only helps them to learn about the culture but also helps them in encouragement in study and discussion with the other students. Therefore, all cultural activities, going in a group, going with the teacher, discussion with the teacher and help from the teacher will definitely guide the international student to not to worry for the cultural shocks and adoption easily of the culture.

Carroll, Jude in ‘Teaching International Students’ states that for Asian students the multicultural communication skills are not much so they feel problem when goes to a unfamiliar place and find the multicultural communication. Asian culture is mainly concerned on the pride and honor of the students,  through by their teachers but in western culture it is different, the teachers there don’t concerned for pride and honor but they usually mention as right or wrong, justification or non-justification so this kind of culture creates the problem for the Asian International student. The westerns teacher needs to encourage through honor to the Asian international student when in the class the given answer by the Asian international student is wrong.

Are luxury fashion products suitable for e-retailing?

The luxury fashion industry is a global multi-billion dollar sector comprising of a multitude of brands with high relevance. Among these are brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Gucci. They are also among the most valuable and influential brands in the world. Despite the large size and income generation of the global luxury fashion industry, the sector has witnessed a slow growth in its strategic business direction. This is because for a long time luxury brands were managed through traditional business methods where decisions were made based on intuition and sometimes on a trial basis. These traditional methods also featured a strong focus on product development and publicity generation through conventional advertising methods. However, the rapid development and complexity of the global business environment currently requires modern and sophisticated business practices in luxury goods management.

Present Situation:

In December 2009 the journalist Marie-Louise Gumuchian, wrote that luxury consortiums are concentrating on winning clients as they arise from the worst economic crisis in decades.  According to the consulting agency Bain & Company and their annual study Luxury Goods

Worldwide Market, they expected sales to drop 8 % to € 153 billion, for the year of 2009.

The authors of the earlier mentioned report foresee that a full recovery of the luxury market will not take place until 2011, but then the growth will be 4.2 % for the whole year.

The demand for global luxury online sales is on the increase. Recent reports indicate that the wealthy are almost all online and are pleased with making online purchases. In most developed economies, Internet penetration is as high as 95% and the ratio of wealthy people who have bought products worth above $250 online versus the rest of the population is 3:1. This has given rise to the question of selling luxury goods online.

Brand integrity and brand dilution

The hardest part for a luxury fashion brand is to balance the sales volume, the profit and the brand integrity. If this balance is not upheld there are several risks; selling too few products minimizes profit opportunities, selling too many dilutes the brand. Another problem is that the changes occurring in brand integrity and image do not happen all at once, they occur over a long period of time, this is why brands are often tempted to over-supply and when doing so it is easy to fall in the trap.

Luxury branding online/brand integrity online

In later years the Internet has been given a fundamental part in the marketing and communication strategies of many luxury brands. For many luxury brands the Internet is a very good media for accessing, organizing and presenting information directed towards their suppliers and consumers. The websites of the luxury brands present online today  differs a  lot in interactivity, level of consumer service, personalization, style, design and experience giving. Many different tactics and ways of presenting information online are tested by luxury brands regularly, but few seem to have really found  the exceptional way of doing it.

Researchers Riley & Lacroix (2003) say  that  the  Internet can be very effective as a communication medium for luxury goods mostly due to these products having high costs, low purchase rates and high value with high differentiation characteristics. On the other hand, since luxury products often are products where the buying experience is a large part of the buying decision, the Internet might be better as a source of information than as a selling channel.


The Internet is an important factor for these brands in order to reach a global consumer group, as mentioned earlier. Since the fashion trends are becoming more global, the brands can to a greater extent offer the same products to a bigger market, therefore is the Internet a suitable and convenient tool. For the brands is the Internet also a tool to keep a high level of band equity and a way for creating many opportunities for developing deeper consumer relationships.

To sell luxury products online has been a subject of a varying discussion. There are those that who think that e-retailing has a negative impact on the core attributes of luxury brands, like prestige and exclusivity. Another argument is that luxury products heavily relies on aesthetics and sensory factors at their sale points and therefore questions the ability to recreate this on the Internet. Okonkwo (2007) indicates however that recent advancement in e-retailing, as tools and techniques, has made selling luxury products online practical. It is therefore now vital for luxury brands to be online to be able to compete on the global market. The Internet has also made it possible for consumers all over the world to get access of the same information at the same time, thereby have their desire for more information and purchase possibilities increased. The assortment for luxury consumers has expanded greatly through the Internet. Consumers are now used to have access to product in this way and have therefore become more demanding and impatient. Product accessibility has for that reason become one of the key decision factors when buying luxury products.

The Asian market for fashion and apparel is expected to perform well in 2010, posting demand growth of almost 5% over 2009 and surpassing demand in Western Europe. The sector will continue to experience healthy average annual demand growth of about 5% through 2014.Luxury consumer behavior online

The group of consumers that buy luxury products online is growing fast and steadily, according to Okonkwo (2007). They make recurrent purchases in those luxury web-shops that exist today. These consumers are also more willing to do continuous purchases online than offline. However, the consumers most likely to buy luxury products online are those with earlier contacts with the brands. This is due to consumers being affected by their earlier shopping experiences, both offline and online. If consumers already have a good brand experience it enhances their evaluation process whether or not to buy the product online.

As emerging markets mature, consumption of luxury goods is no longer restricted to upscale department stores and boutiques. Electronic sales of luxuries via computers and mobile devices are expanding and becoming very profitable. Luxury brands were challenged to develop long-term digital strategies by accommodating e-commerce and m-commerce demand. New electronic luxury retailers have successfully entered the elite markets and continue to succeed in shifting the business away from the luxury retail locations in urban brick-and-mortar stores. Competition has created the phenomenon of discounted luxury, escalated by the global recession in the Western world and strong demand in the emerging economies where consumers eager to celebrate their new wealth by buying designer labels. Though luxury goods are available there for a several years, they mostly have been distributed by the middlemen and are out-of-season.