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Silence of the Lambs

How often have you come across a psychological thriller that sends a chill down your spine, grips you, scares you, but at the same time pulls you towards itself, makes you keep turning pages till you discover its deepest secrets? Not often? Well, if such a masterpiece has escaped your eye , fret not!! “Silence of the Lambs “-by the Bram Stoker awardee Thomas Harris.
Though it’s a sequel to the “Red Dragon”, you would not miss out on any action of this novel if you haven’t read the “Red Dragon” 
Silence of the Lambs was adapted by Jonathan Demme in 1991 and became one of the few movies to win the five most prestigious awards in the Oscar’s history –Actor in a leading role, Actress in leading role, director, motion picture and screenplay ! and it is one the top 250 imdb movies rated by the critics as one of the best movies ever made .
All about dark shadows , gross details, and psychotic evil, this novel has the capacity to leave an indelible imprint on your minds, the horror streaks ,though not very explicit at times , underly the entire novel.
An FBI trainee, Clarice Starling is asked to get some leads on the case of a serial killer, called “Buffalo Bill”, by interviewing Dr. Hannibal Lecter, famous (or may I say notorious) as “Hannibal the Cannibal”. He is a very talented psychiatrist, and one of the best in his profession, but, he is a psychopath, a killer, guilty of unspeakable crimes. Now he is a high security prisoner locked up in a mental institution. Nevertheless, disregarding the dangers involved in going to Lecter ,Clarice decides to go over to him,to seek his insights over the buffalo bill case, as stopping this serial killer is of utmost priorty, or another girl shall have to added to the list of his unlucky , flayed victims , killed in the most gruesome ,most macabre manner imaginable ,leaving you with utter disgust for this unseen antagonist, whose appearances are rare, but nevertheless terrifying.
Coming back to the cannibal, Dr. Lecter would not give his knowledge of the case so easily. The price Clarice must pay? His entry into the darkest chambers of her mind confronting her own demons and her lambs screaming . They develop a strange relationship where he offers her cryptic clues in return for information on her unhappy childhood. Throughout the novel, you will realize the brilliance with which it has been written, well constructed with no unnecessary drama. The clock is ticking and you can not stop yourself from being the part of the chase for the nefarious Buffalo Bill. Before you even know it , you will feel the urge to stop the killer from letting lose a reign of terror, blood and death .
So, what are you waiting for? Go grab a copy , and savour the brilliance of one of the best psychological thrillers ever written .

Sleep Deprivation!

Consciousness is what we are aware of the feelings, thoughts, sensations and environments but the consciousness get alter when we sleep, take medicines, hypnosis and take drugs. Now, it comes as why we need to sleep? The simple answer is that body and mind both need to restore. There are two kinds of sleep such as non-rapid eye movement and rapid eye movement. It has been found from the research that each cycle of sleep is about 5-90 minutes. For the different age group of humans the sleep time is different as newborn child sleep almost for 20 hours and older people sleep for less than 6 hours. Even though it is know that prolonged wakefulness effects human body badly. As by the research by Patrick and Gilbert in year 1986 that the wakefulness for 90 hours continuously causes in decrease in sensory acuity, motor speed, ability to memorise, and production of visual hallucinations. This happens because of the not having the proper sleep and that is called as sleep deprivation. It might be of different kinds such as chronic and acute. There are many psychological effects on the human body and mind because of this sleep deprivation. Total and partial deprivation effects human bond and mind in different ways such as it disturbs the concentration, learning and mood. The brain activity also changes in wrong side and doesn’t work effectively. Till today there has not been such kind of neurological study on sleep deprived individuals. Awakening for a long time will surely affect the human body and will cause the number of sleep disorders such as Parasomnias where the awake take place while sleeping like sleepwalking or sleep talking, dyssomnia where timing, quality and quantity of sleep is impaired.

While sleeping human dream too and that is of different kinds like REM, NREM and Lucid dreams that depends on the dreamer while sleeping and the kind of sleep too. For example, let’s take an example as in year 1964 a 17 years old boy at Navy Medical Neuropsychiatric Research Centre in Unites States Naval Hospital at San Diego California who didn’t sleep for 264 hours continuously and that caused several problems to his body, mind and vision. This patient was closely observed by Dr. William Dement. According to Dr. William Dement on first day the boy was okay as he was feeling refreshing but on second day the boy found that the vision of the boy was diminishing and he was getting difficulty in opening his eyes correctly while he was trying to watch a movie and then next day it was found that the boy was not able watch the television properly. Slowly, on next day he found that his mood changed and his tongue was also seemed as twisters. On fourth day the body found significant changes as memory lapse, difficulty in concentrating on the things, feeling of a tight band around his head, and his vision was like that he was observing the fog in the street. On fifth day, the boy’s equilibrium was balance but he caught with intermittent hypnogogic reveries. Slowly, the blurred vision of the boy for next few days got in to more problem. For the last 2 days, anything he was hearing seem like foolish to him as he was not able to memorise the things he heard on the first day.   After this the patient finally went for a sleep and slept for more than 14 hours continuously.

This example signifies about the sleep deprivation and its effects on the body and mind of the people who don’t take proper sleep. The healthy boy whose initial blood pressure was 120/180 Hg, pulse rate was 72 and temperature was 36.1 C got significant changes. Even though during the awaking the pupils of the boy reacted normally but there seemed some significant movements in his body and mind with the time of awakening. Sleep deprivation causes number of harmful things to the human body and sometime causes the fatal diseases too if the sleep deprivation goes on continuous. In this sleep deprivation initially, there is abnormal behaviour happens but after some time it goes normal after some days. The most important body part that affected much is eye and mind. Sleep deprivation increases the psychiatric difficulties in the body and it take long time to recover than sleep deprivation is occurs. Because of this the life style and body thinking goes change and sometime things seem as not perfect because of the lack of concentration, mood change and memory lapse. Physical and mental conditions get change with the time if sleep deprivation goes for longer time and no proper meditation is done. Mediations improve the consciousness of the body and allow thinking on focused objects. In the above example the sleep deprivation for a long time may lose the concentration and memory strength and that can be achieved through the meditation. Mediation is very important in case of having the sleep deprivation because it reduces the blood pressure and controls the human emotions.

People use some drugs to control the sleep deprivation like hypnosis that controls the pain of the body and helps in power suggestion in thinking, feelings and sensations. The humans who take the drug occasionally and frequently also get in to the sleep deprivation problem because the drugs affect the human brain thoroughly and speed up the activity in the central nervous system. It also changes the behaviour relatively and stimulates the organism. Conditioning response of the body become weak. In the 17 years boy example, it was observed that the behaviour of the boy got change after the sleep deprivation for 264 hours and it causes the number of changes in the boy’s mental and physical activities for a long time. These changes get reverse in normal conditions after a 6 -8 months of proper mediation and care of the boy. Thus, the final outcome is that sleep deprivation is not good for human body and mind.



The virtual eye effect!

“Click” and a brief flash. it compels you to look up from the headlines of the morning daily , to see a guy in his middle teen flaunting a neat DSLR trying to capture Kodak  moments in the jogging park.

Tucked in one of the numerous lanes in the heart ofIndia, one will always come across a “Kamera Gully” , a place where you will be followed by voices persuading you to buy cameras for 15 to 20% discount ( well!! with no bills or warranty). However today things have changed a long way, a DSLR camera is in the wish list or rather possession list of any person in the wide age range of 15 to 65.

Now, what has brought about this major change??

Market leaders Nikon and Canon have realized a huge potential in the Indian market camera space and are no longer neglecting this mushrooming market. These camera  demi gods have flooded the market with entry level DSLRs to increase penetration. Nikon relaunched its D3000 model in response to the high demand of the product. It is one of the cheapest ( Rs 25,450) and highest selling model that comes with an autofocus (AF-S) 18-15 mm lens.

Technology advances, lower taxes and innovative marketing strategies  have brought down the prices drastically and thereby triggered the changing aspirations of the average Indian. A DSLR camera not just gives superior picture quality over a compact camera, but also allows user to choose from a variety of interchangeable lens. It gives a real fast performance with absolute no shutter lag. It has better sensor and provide rich and better quality pictures. It is however a pretty cumbersome process to pin point a specific reason which has lead to this immense craze for DSLRs .


Rising income allow the young generation to indulge themselves in hobbies like photography which was relatively expensive a few years ago. Mobile phones and social networking has made it possible for the GenX to display there art to myriad audience .Hence affordability, wider access and greater user friendliness have transformed the economics and market for customers, manufacturer and distributors.

A lot of amateurs are switching to DSLR as these cameras are no longer restricted to only the professional domain


The market is growing at a massive pace and the numbers does the speaking for themselves. According to market research firm (IDC)India, the DSLR market market currently about 1% of the entire digital camera market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of about 90% from 2009 to 2014, while the entire digital camera market is expected to grow at CAGR of 40% to 41%.

So, you still dare and say , it’s the economy play ….No! no this time itz the DSLR who is the game changer


Killing technology trends, improved feature and functionalities are also fueling the passion for DSLR, (seems like DSLR has just struck the JLo cord.. I’m Into You) Market studies clearly show that digital cameras are among the top five electronic gadget that are universally coveted.

In case of DSLR , integration of feature like video recording has also increased the sales. Introduction of high definition (HD) video recording in most of the DSLRs has helped consumers stick to one product rather than spending money on still cameras as well as cam recorders separately.

Companies like Canon have a new functionalities such as HD video, live view option etc, on there high agenda. Further prices of components like the processors, panels and display screen continue to fall with technical progress, bringing down the price of the entire product and making the Hot DSLR more affordable.

Companies have also started bundling the DSLR camera body with Kit lens in order to attract consumers who are looking for straight out of the box function

in spite of all these good things around taxation ( all time loathed) acts as a Wet blanket. VAT has not come down and worse is it varies from place to place which does not allow Indian market to be a homogenous integrated market. In fact taxes inIndiaare higher than those of the other countries, making importing a camera increase its cost by about 17%.

However, the DSLR market is definitely all set to grow and reach the apogee, with the camera manufactures having there head bend together in experimenting and inventing one new thing of the other.

So, next time down in 5 years, when you see another guy in his middle teen holding a DSLR camera ..what do you expect , Might be a slimmer , colorful DSLR with a touch Screen Display.

Possibilities are never ruled out!

They are up and kidding!

Today, you may be a fresh graduate just our of college, burring with a zeal to face life. Snatch away every pinch of success that life has in its domain to offer. You may be an engineering graduate looking forward to arm yourself with an MBA, rule the world and startle everyone with your next big startup plan. Get yourself a worm, black leather covered leaning comfy chair in a swanky boardroom. see your name published in each and ever corporate magazine. In addition to it if you by any chance love to write, I strongly believe you just cant wait, but to see your article glisten in the wall streets journals blog. Get featured in Forbes list of most powerful people. And if you are, like a friend of mine, a freelance graphic designer……. what’s next after Adobe???

Now, hey! Come back… you nothing right now (if you are actually not! APPOLOGIES otherwise J )

So, ever thought about giving back something to the society after you get everything you want. cumon life is an infinite cycle of giving and taking so , you just cant have the cake and eat it to. Well!! if you  really want to there are some real unique ways in which you can actually give back to the society and participate in a real noble cause.


It helps bring together volunteers and NGO’s that need help and provide a range of programmers in India and Abroad.. it already links 10,000 volunteers and 300 NGOs . while the focus is on individuals, iVolunteer also has a customized programmes for groups and corporate volunteering. Depending on your time and commitment levels , you could choose , for example , from reading for a couple of hour to a blind person on the weekend , working a few days every month for a rural business, or take on a two year assignment in another country.


How can you help??? Pick up a cause close to your heart and register at iVolunteer [dot] in

2) WADA NA TODO ABHIYAN:             

This is possibly the largest campaign on the governance accountability inIndia. they use the internet to connect more than 3000 civil society groups across the country in an effort to ensure that the central and state government fulfill promise made in there election manifestos. They also work with the planning commission, with feedback in preparing five year plans. The Ngo has launched a “Peoples Audit” of basic delivery area (health, education) to bring about changes.

How can you help??? …. participate in audits by monitoring government programmes at wadanatodo [dot] net.


This organization aims at tapping the skills of senior corporate leaders and managers. And this is how it works: In India volunteer organizations are usually registered under various acts, which require them to govern by a board. Often, these board members are there more out of goodwill for the cause or the organization founder and are unaware of the line that separates governance from day to day operation. Governance counts helps NGO’s to get access to competent people who can be constructive board members.

To register login at governance counts [dot]org[dot]in.


Born In USA, this organization is kicking inIndiasince 1983 and seeks to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. Ever since the construction of its first house in Asia Pacific region.

This body has done a pretty appreciable work of shifting 1.65 lakhs people in AP and built around 33000 houses for habitat.

what you can do: Hmm!!! if you are over 14 yrs , and can hold a hammer or a bucket or a paint brush you are welcome to be a part of the team that picks project at various sites and works there all happy and gay. Individuals can volunteer to work in habitat office and serve on board.


The brain child of Hemant and Sangeeta Chabra this NGO raised your eyebrow in 2008, and gives a brand new name to the term “Recycling”. It collects old bicycle, overhauls them and distributes them to children in villages outside Mumbai. These kids have to walk between 2 to 7 km to school; can now used bicycles instead, Thanks to the bicycle project. This project is spreading its wings toDelhiand Pune. It had also inspired a number of other replicas to come up across the country.

Even you can be a part be collecting bicycles in your locality or starting up a similar project of your own.


So, you see if you to do it you have a number of bodies extending there hands to help you . Social service is definitely a divine bliss, the most rewarding and soul satisfying activity. Don’t think, If You want to GO AHEAD! They all are Up And Kicking!!!

[P.S inputs from Give India and Indian NGOs[dot]com ]


Samsung Galaxy S3 to hit Indian stores today?

The much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S-III smartphone, which went on sale in Europe on Tuesday, is expected to hit the Indian markets on Thursday.

According to various reports, Samsung Galaxy S3 will reach the Indian shores on today and will cost between Rs 34,000 to Rs 38,000.

Samsung Electronics latest Galaxy S smartphone, with the third generation model expected to be even more successful than its predecessor, helped the South Korean company topple Apple Inc as the world’s top smartphone maker.

Samsung Galaxy S-III runs on the latest Android operating system the Ice Cream Sandwich and comes with a 4.8-inch screen, bigger than its highly successful predecessor Galaxy S-II.

The phone packs a bunch of interesting features like ‘Smart stay’, in which the device recognises when you are looking at the phone and maintains a bright display for continued viewing pleasure.

The Galaxy S III also introduces ‘Pop up Play’ feature which allows user to watch an HD video on the phone while sending an email or text simultaneously.

The phone’s 8MP camera features a zero-lag shutter speed that lets user capture moving objects without delay. The ‘Burst shot’ function allows users to capture twenty continuous shots. HD video can be recorded even with the 1.9MP front facing camera.

The Galaxy S III also comes with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

Additionally, Samsung Galaxy S III features ‘Game Hub’ and ‘Video Hub’, which provide users access to various social games and high quality TV and movies, respectively. These will initially be introduced in select countries and subsequently on the global market.

This report was originally published on ZeeNews India | First Published: Thursday, May 31, 2012, 00:00

No re-opening pre-April 1 tax cases: Govt

In a bid to mollify harried foreign investors, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee today reiterated that assessments that have already been completed will not be reopened by the income tax department under the retrospective amendments proposed in the Finance Act, 2012.

Further, the minister said the department has also done away with the cascading impact of tax deducted at source (TDS) that was introduced in the Budget on sale of software.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has written to all chief commissioners of income tax and director generals of international taxation clarifying that cases where assessment proceedings had been finalised before April 1, 2012 would not be opened.

“The board…directs that in case where assessment proceedings have been completed under section 143(3) of the act, before April 1, 2012, and no notice of reassessment has been issued prior to that date, then such cases shall not be reopened under section 147/148 of the Act on account of the clarificatory amendments introduced in the Finance Act, 2012,” the CBDT said in an internal communication to its officers.

The amendment is likely to impact around 10 cases that are pending at various levels, including Euro Pacific Securities Ltd, Cairn UK Holding Ltd, Unilever HPC Finance Service Inc. USA, Accenture Services Pvt Ltd, Tata

Industries Ltd and AT&T, Mcleod Russel India, SAB Miller (A&A), and Sanofi Pasteur Holding SA. The total gain for the exchequer is likely to be around Rs 15,000 crore.

“I gave a commitment in Parliament with regard to retrospective amendments that CBDT will issue a policy circular to clarify that in cases where assessment proceedings have become final before first day of April 2012, such cases shall not be reopened,” Mukherjee said at an event here.

s a reprieve to software distributors, Mukherjee announced that the income tax department will soon issue a circular to avoid multi-level taxation of software. “On the advice of (the advisory) group and Nasscom, I have approved issuance of a circular to avoid multi-level TDS on software under section 194 J (of the Income Tax Act). This will remove hardship in case of software distributors,” he said. Section 194-J of the I-T

Act deals with fees for professional and technical services and covers royalty and non-competence fees.

The issue was also flagged after a meeting last week of the advisory group relating to transfer pricing and International taxation and the NASSCOM, Mukherjee said. Som Mittal, President, NASSCOM said the move to resolve the current issues of multi-level TDS on packaged software products under ‘Section 194J’ of the IT Act was a positive step forward that provided a boost to the software industry, especially the smaller software distributors. “While we await the detailed circular, this announcement will help to alleviate industry concerns on this issue,” he said.

On the major issue of transfer pricing and international taxation, he said the advisory group constituted by the Finance Minister has held its first meeting on May 25 and the issues are expected to be taken up in due course. “The fact that we’re engaging on the issue is in itself a positive outcome,” he told The Indian Express.

The budget proposals required captive BPOs to re-compute their taxable profits based on transfer pricing guidelines, without adequate safe harbour provisions. Safe harbour provisions essentially enable the income tax authorities to accept the transfer pricing — the price at which one arm of a company, usually a multinational corporation, transfers goods or services to another division of the same organisation — returns without scrutiny.

This article was originally published on Indian Express | ENS Economic Bureau : New Delhi, Wed May 30 2012, 00:27 hrs

Govt tries to woo foreign retail investors!

The government on Tuesday eased norms for foreign retail investors to buy directly into Indian shares and bonds, including opening a separate $1 billion window for corporate debt, to boost inflows at a time when the rupee is testing fresh lows almost on a daily basis.

Apart from the $20 billion investment window for foreign institutional investors, qualified foreign investors (QFIs), which were permitted to invest directly in equities earlier this year, will now be able to buy up to $1 billion (around Rs 5,500 crore) in corporate bonds in what the government termed as “testing waters”.

On an overall basis, so far in 2012, net investment by FIIs is nearing the $12 billion mark compared to around $8 billion in 2011. But, they have withdrawn funds from India since the Budget, reflecting the “safe mode” in which FIIs are operating, given the weak global economic environment and the poor sentiment on India. So far in May, they have been net sellers of the $1.7 billion.

Although the QFI route was a New Year gift from the finance ministry, there hasn’t been any queue outside the window prompting the government review the guidelines. To begin with, retail investors from the 27 countries that make the European Union and the six that are part of theGulf Coordination Council, will now be eligible to invest directly. Earlier, the QFI route was only open to investors from the 34 members of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the global anti-money laundering club.

The change has been necessitated by the response from investors in the Gulf, said Thomas Mathew, joint secretary in the finance ministry. “The changes are aimed at making the QFI scheme more attractive to potential investors and enhance flow of foreign capital into India,” the finance ministry said.

The government will also clear apprehensions over taxation policies. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) will shortly issue clarifications on issues concerning taxation on QFI investments. Although the finance ministry has put on hold General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAAR), there has been apprehensions among the global investors over tax policies, especially after the Budget.

The finance ministry also decided to do away with the restriction on number of days a QFIs can keep fund in their bank accounts in India, a move to ease norms for such investments. Earlier, if the funds were not invested in five days, they had to be remitted to the overseas account of the foreign investor. Given that this was proving to be a dampener for genuine investors, and raising transaction costs, the cap has been dispensed with.

QFI have also been permitted to open separate bank accounts instead of the earlier practice of investing through a common pooled bank account of depository participants. “We are looking at 6-18 months to see the optimisation of QFI inflows,” Mathew said. The government has also lined up roadshows in five Gulf countries, including Kuwait and the UAE, too woo foreign retail investors.

[This story was originally published on Times of India] TNN | May 30, 2012, 05.26AM IST

How To Save Money At The Grocery Store

With the economy still not back on the fast track to recovery from the recent recession, many people are looking for ways to squeeze a few more dollars out of their monthly budgets. Groceries are often a target for savings and, with a little practice, you can save money at the grocery store like a pro.

Be forewarned, however, that the retailers and the manufacturers are out to pick your wallet. Unwary shoppers can easily fall for fake specials and colorful ad copy. The trick is to know whether what you’re buying is a true bargain and to stick to your playbook. Here are four ways to make sure you’re getting the best deals the grocery store has to offer:

Keep a Price Book
Just because a shiny flyer says something is on sale, it doesn’t mean that it truly is. You need toknow how much the item is normally to know if it’s a deal or not. The best way to assemble this information is to keep your local store’s regular prices on the groceries you buy the most often in a notebook. For example, if you know that your favorite cola is normally $1.49 and it’s on sale for 99 cents, it’s time to stock up. After working with a price book for a period of time, you will start remembering prices and knowing what your “trigger” sale price is.

Learn the Sales Cycles
Once you have determined that a sale item is a good deal (and that it is something you would buy anyway), you need to decide how much of it to buy. On one hand, you want to buy enough so that you don’t have to buy it at full price for a while. On the other, you don’t want to tie up more money and storage space than needed. The two components to “right-sizing” your sale buys are assessing how much of the product you go through and how often it goes on sale. The first is easy to calculate by tracking how much you use. For example, write down how often you open a new package of dishwasher detergent. You may go through a package a month. This tells you that buying 200 packages on sale is pointless because you won’t use it all. Learning the sales cycle takes a bit more time and each store chain does it differently. Some stores put certain items on sale at fixed intervals like clockwork. On average, for example, you may find that milk is on sale one week per month. The goal is to be able to buy enough of a good sale to get you through to the next one.

Be Prepared to Invest in Sales
When faced with a significant sale of an item that stores well and doesn’t often go on sale, apply a substantial amount of your grocery budget to it. If you do this for all such sales, you will end up spending far less on average than those who buy their week’s worth of groceries every week. It may mean that one week you buy two cases of canned corn and 50 rolls of toilet paper, and the next you pick up 25 pounds of ground beef for the freezer and 10 tubes of toothpaste. You’ll get used to the odd looks from cashiers after a while and, in the meantime, you will be saving a ton on your overall grocery bill.

Know Coupon Policies
While paying attention to sales will save you more money on average than clipping coupons, using them can add to your overall savings. Find out your local store’s coupon policy which is likely outlined on its website. Some stores don’t accept online coupons, some take competitors’ coupons, and some double or even triple the face value of some coupons. For those who want to become serious couponers, there are several websites that outline the best coupons in weekend newspapers and offer strategies as to how best to use them.

The Bottom Line
You can save a significant amount of money in the checkout aisle of your grocery store if you focus on the math and forget the hype. Smart grocery shoppers learn when to buy and, more importantly, when to leave something on the shelf.

[This article was originally published by By Angie Mohr | Investopedia – Sat 26 May, 2012 2:07 AM IST on]

Love towards fashion of Eugenie de Montijo

A famous painter named as Franz Winter Halter create a painting that visualise the garden at the Versailles , women dressing in a old eighteenth century that is made of gold taffeta and the hair of the women is made of the white powder.   This painting is quite awesome in many ways, as the dress is of the gold of the women; hair is with the white powder, opulent design of garment, visualization of the garden, fashionable style of the skirt, and ribbon. All these things are very eye catching. The next things that come to the mind is that what is this painting all about? Who is she? And why the painter made this painting of her with gold fashion dress and in royal garden? What is the story behind this?  So the answer is very simple to all the questions in one line as the last empress of French named as Eugenie de Montijo. Eugenie de Montijo was the last empress of the French and was a Spanish countess. She was born in 5 May, 1826 and died in 11 July 1920. She married to Napoleon – III that’s why she was the last empress of French.  It is known about her that she was very charming, beautiful, sensitive and polite. She was the last women to reign over France during the second empire. She came to France to educate but soon after some time she married to Napoleon and became the very powerful and public figure in Europe. If you thoroughly go in to the details of the profile of the Eugenie de Montijo, you will call her as feminist today.

She followed the footsteps of the great queens who were the good female leader during their time such as Queen Elizabeth, Maria Theresa,   Catherine, and Marie Antoinette.    She was much practiced to the Catholic and soon grounded in the faith there and became very devout of the Church.  She first time met to Lois Napoleon Bonaparte when he was at the President of the French Second Republic and soon became the attraction for Louis and the Spanish beauty was taken by him.  She had already the reputation as the women leader but after marrying with Louis the position became very strong. She was considered as the object of Louis desire but she mentioned to everyone that except her husband no one can have her. These things perhaps have knocked the mind of Louis but instead of it he was fallen in his desire for her deeply like a forbidden fruit for him. By this title of Louis the family of the Louis were extremely amused. It was assumed that Louis was marrying to the women who is below his station and doesn’t suit to the family. The major reason for the Louis to marry with Spanish women Eugenie de Montijo was so that after becoming the emperor he will have legitimate son and heir. During year, 1856 she born a child named as Prince Imperial Napoleon Eugene Louis Jean Joseph Bonaparte and he was the only child of her. This gave the future empire of the French and it seemed as the stability in the empire of the Bonaparte. She also served the public a lot and made number of public relations as being a part of the New France Government. As being a charming, pleasant, polite and simple behaviour, people of the France supported her. She attracted number of people around the world through her politeness and beauty.  People started to give the example of her that because of her the Napoleon family will rule again on France.

She was very much found of the fashion and current trending in dresses, she wore the cage crinolines first time in year 1855 and after some time the large bell like skirt. This showed that she was very fond of the fashion and garments.  She almost tried all types of France fashion garments. The western culture started to follow her in fashion and garments. Even though as it seems that her life must be glamorous and splendid but in reality it was not like that. Her life was full of the danger and political problems. As in her personal life Napoleon was not a faithful husband to her, he used the advice of her, because of her smartness, intelligent and wisdom but not supported on many events for his own sake. Sometimes she ruled over the France with her own decisions and then there will be some political and social problems which caused her in great trouble as few of the social and political people became the enemy of her.  The best example can be seen from the great work that she did and influenced to the public through the good policies and decisions but many times came under attacked by the Italian emperor so the public of the France thought it like a conspiracy for them.  This created a danger for her life as she was called as the France ruined and helping to the Italian improper because these Italians were, for them sometime Napoleon was a member. Anti-Catholic officials in the area had closed the grotto, but Eugenie was a believer and when the Prince Imperial was cured by water from Lourdes which Eugenie had sent for, the Empress used her influence to have the grotto. She fought a lot in her life and faced every kind of danger as being an empress of France. But during the same time some other emperor became stronger and the problem became terrible to secure the providence from them.

During year 1873, the emperor died and her son died in year 1879 in South Africa while fighting with the Zulus. She avoided all political issues and returned to her old villa in Hampshire alone. She made good relations with British and in year 1887 she was honoured with the position of the Godmother. While visiting her own country Spain at the age of 94, she was buried in Imperial Crypt where her husband and son buried already. This shows the life of her with passion, charm and wisdom that also includes the fashion and garments too her life. Fashion was the passion of Europe that time as most of the western countries followed her. She favoured the Rocco style instead of the renaissance style of Europe. She also created her own styles and designs too. The Tuileries was a place where the grand balls were full of dance, music, fashion and art. But the fashion became the central model there during the time of Eugenie where she changed the fashion style as in fresh and beautiful way. The Tuileries would also hold the two types of masquerade such as mask and dresses. In 1854 there was huge influence of her on the public and to the many emperors which suggest that how the fashion got changed based on her thoughts and style so the Tuileries place was full of the beautiful fashions and style.

The court in The Tuileries, were influenced and every person over there was dressing like the style of her. She dressed herself in different ways for the same day as in day time she wore the woollen, poplin or silk dresses, which was rainbow colors, plain or painted too. She was very much fond of the pastel shades like dove gray, cream, or buttercup yellow. This indicates that how she changed the mindset of the people in regard to the fashion and style.   Charles Frederick worth was an English born fabric sales man as of her dream. He was inspired by the designs and fashion and emphasized to restructuring his own design. First time Eugenie de Montijo found the dress by him at an exhibition and slowly she became his one of the most important client. Soon after some time he only designed for her and was called as the engineer of the structure of fashion design. She was one of the first women to wear the cage crinoline of his design and this was much lighter than the earlier traditional designs. She also pioneered the shortening of the skirts to feel more comfortable. Worth introduced the shoulder hung court train in fashion for her, and so she was one of the models that time with the latest fashion and dresses. Sometime later, Worth also introduced back swept skirt.

As the painting of Franz Winter Halter describes that she loved the dark fashion dresses as well. This second empire was a trend of changing the fashion for a time being in future. The second empire wanted to bring the prosperity and wellness in France. So for this time The Tuileries place was seen as the royalty will come to this place from the world. The designs were really good that time and every lady there was not supposed to wear the design twice like that.

Confessions of Almighty!

The flickering midnight candle died,

And the thunderstorm caught my sight.

I went to close the swaying door,

Only to see my garden with dead trees galore


Far in the corner stood a body covered with husk

The scary windy night seems to have given him a mask

“Hello stranger standing there”

“come on in and save yourself from the killing air”

The stranger showed me a card he was given

Which clearly said – “Authorized from Heaven”

“Oh! Almighty” you are the one

Who has beget the earth moon and the sun


He twisted his face in a mocking smile

And asked me to lend him my shoulder

So that he could cry for a while.


“Don’t cry my lord” – what is wrong?

The world is fine!!! But is the heaven

Running in proper form????


NO No sweetheart – it is not that way

I have come to beg for mercy –

For letting things go wrong in your way.

Ha Ha !!!! I laughed “are you crazy”

Everything is fine; it is just that I am a bit lazy.


No No sweetheart, I got swayed

Flowers. Fruits and sweets took me off my way.

I committed the crime of putting to earth

People with no brain but lust for money

Consuming away everything and producing no honey


They are sitting on cushions which are powerful and strong

Sucking blood of people who have done no wrong

Mercilessly killing each other in the name of war

Busy collecting specks of sand galore


The lies have replaced love

And smiles of all become cries

I miss the time when we all were one

I miss the time when I hated none


Today even they bribe me with money

Thinking that I will give em’ all honey

“Global Worming” had raped my nature

“Poaching of animals” has killed all my creature


I will end the world soon to everyone’s surprise

Come 2012 you all will demise

Before going I am knocking on some special people’s door

To tell then that you have been good to me and all


May this world rest in peace

Without tearing each other into piece

“Go back sweet-heart” go and sleep tight

This wary night will soon reside”