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“It must be a dream” –these were the first words I said after reading that particular article in the newspaper. But after being pinched really hard by my friend, OUCH, I realized that I was just being overly optimistic by considering the proposal of scrapping JEE just another political gimmick and a plan which shall never see the light of the day . But I was wrong,nay , many students were being wronged .IIT JEE was going to be replaced, the legend will no longer continue! I had to shove the truth down my throat and that was definitely one of the toughest thing I have ever had to do.
So here was the deal, a new test was being proposed, with weightage to board marks, and two exams-JEE main and JEE advanced. While the reasons given for the above proposal-that students are under too much stress due to multiple entrance exams and that coaching classes are mushrooming –are very much real and as such definitely demand focused attention and remedial steps, the solution that has been offered hasn’t really been accepted as a fair one and has sparked off a nation wide debate .
Are too many examinations really that bad ? well most people think otherwise. The fact that the number of students attempting to give the IITJEE is almost the half the number that give the AIEEE,is a very clear indication of student’s selectivity of the exam that best suits them. When a student has multiple chances of proving himself , that actually makes him less mentally stressed because he knows that his chances of success do not merely depend on one day and that its not a “do or die” situation for him. What if some unforeseen calamity prevents a student from fully performing at the D-DAY,does that mean his one year is wasted ? Can this be fair to any student ? One exam system hasn’t been proved a very successful method of alleviating student stress. The GaoKao of China is one such example. The entire fate of the student is based on one single day. The exam has such hype around it that most students find it unable to deal with. Behaviors surrounding the testing period have been extreme under some reports. Testing pressure, for some critics, has been linked to faintings, increased drop out rates, and even increasing rates of teenage clinical depression and suicides in China .That is exactly not the kind of situation which would deem very desirable.
And turning to the second issue-the ever increasing coaching industry-I hardly feel that the new format will be able to put an end to them for good. The reason why students flock to these institutes is because they find it hard to balance their studies and manage their schedules. They resort to them so that the risk of uncertainty in their preparation is reduced. Now given that there will be three criterion for selection to IITs now, the institutes will now offer a package which shall “ guarantee” success in all three domains. Their business will not slow down , but rather multiply by feeding on the increased aspirations from students to perform well in three quarters. So this problem will still remain unsolved even if the new test comes to effect.
One of the most debatable and attacked point of the new proposal has been the inclusion of the board marks. While normalization of marks through all the state boards and the national boards might be a theoretical possibility, this is still plagued by the very reason the board exams were considered only as an eligibility criterion. The level of all boards is not even. The widespread copying makes it an unreliable test for a student’s capacity. The board exams have since ages only tested rote learning and ability to impress the examiner with your answers, and never your actual grasp on the subject. The internal exam marks? Don’t even get me started on that ! All these reasons make board exam marks consideration a very debatable step which has met with criticism from all possible sources.
With these many queries, doubts and uncertainty lingering around the new proposal, I sincerely believed that it must be given enough time and reconsideration and shouldn’t be forced upon the students without their consent .Hope that one of these days shall bring the happy tidings of the JEE being restored. If not, I can only say ,brace yourselves, ISEET is coming !

DateIITians – A new Buzz in the town

An IITians sounds like a person who would say, “I accept the terms and conditions” rather than “I do” on his weeding day. They are seen as an alien species who are far more interested in physics than in a silly chemical called “love”. True, this image might work in the marriage market where they are considered a good catch, having a secure future and a good salary but what about getting a date? Talk to them about dating and you would get them, “I wish” expression on their faces. is specifically designed for these super humans who have much academic achievements to boast of but when it comes to subjects like love, dating, and marriage they are dumbstruck. The site was initially launched for techies and engineering professionals from IITs and IIMs but was later opened for all due to heavy demand. The website is the brainchild of the trio from IIT Kharagpur- Layak Singh, Kinshuk Bairagi and Nikhil Kaushik so it can well be said that the site is by the people who have “been there”.

Apart from the innovative concept the site is fresh and real. The opening page of the site might resemble to that of Facebook but as you probe further you will find that the contents and facilities offered are far more wide and different, it is not just a social networking website rather is a social-networking cum dating portal.


The effectiveness of the site lies in the fact that it caters to the demand of a very distinctive group who are much in need of help. Moreover, it is user friendly – simple to understand and easy to use. It is very clear about its target audience and targets youth from the premier colleges of India. It’s simple and yet sophisticated.

Special features: Browsing through, you’ll find some special features which add to the site’s appeal.

It is designed in such a way that you can be sure you are not wasting your pick up lines on a cute photograph while on the other end a bunch of guys are having a hearty laugh. The registration is a detailed process which involves verification and authentication of user’s credentials, personal email address, contact number as well as ID proofs. Only after submitting details, the user will get an email confirmation from the site and will receive a code on the mobile phone.  The process is bound to reduce fake profiles and increase your chances of GETTING A REAL DATE. Another attraction that the site holds is its three-step dating system which involves becoming buddies first and then flirting and the third is the step where you can go for a date.

The site offers other technical features like the facility to send messages to your buddy’s phone, purchasing real gifts from points earned while interacting as well as the option to go on virtual dates.

There are many free online dating sites out there but why is this one making a buzz? Well, it’s because of its uniqueness and “we care” attitude.  It’s not just about dating but rather about connecting, flirting and mingling with like-minded people. Its poles apart from matrimony sites and it would be ridiculous to compare the two. While the matrimony sites shout, marry, marry, marry, provides you with an option to make buddies, know each other, flirt and develop a true relationship to find your soul mate.

So let’s stop praying to cupid to strike when we have a more reliable and easier way to make the magic happen.

Being Indian: A matter of shame or pride?

 Does being Indian entail a matter of great pride or humiliation? The question relates to how you perceive your mother nation, what it means to you ?

Is it just a country, you were born into through a chance of luck or shall I say bad luck?

Is it just a nation whose nationality is struck to you?

Is it just a convenient place where your ancestors settled?

Is it just a place where people seem to be fighting in the name of caste, class and religion?

Is it just a country where politicians follow the policy of ‘promise and forget’; where the little pieces of paper called money are the master and everyone else a slave?

well, I think its a lot more than that……

It’s not a country I was born into; it’s an enigma I’m still trying to grasp.

It’s not just a nation whose nationality is struck to me, because I’m proud to be an Indian.

It might be a place where my ancestors settled for convenience’s sake but it just proves that it’s a land full of resources and opportunities.

It’s not a place where people fight in the name of caste, class and religion because the constitution of India declares in its preamble that India is a secular state with equal respect for all religions.

And no it cannot be a country governed by lying hypocrites and money because there is a lot more to learn from the enigma called “India”.

When I study about people like Gandhi, Nehru and all those who gave away their life for the sole purpose of liberty……….I learn patience and persistence.

When I learnt the words of Bhagat singh, ‘it is easy to kill individuals but you cannot kill the ideas. Great empires crumble while the ideas survive’. I learned to strive for what I believe; in short I learned a way of life.

When I was told the story of Rani Lakshmi Bai I learned the power of women.

When I learned that Aryabhatta of India outshines everyone in the history of mathematics.When I learn that he was the one who made the discovery of zero, I become aware of the intellectual power India holds.

When I read the “Arthashastra’ written by Chanakya, which is a classic of statecraft and is reverently studied even in Europe and elsewhere, I grasp the concept of politics and marvel on these great Indian men and their works.

When I heard the success story of Dr. Kiran Bedi,I learned that, when you live in a world ruled by corruption, you don’t have to surrender.When you live in a society governed by men, you don’t have to be submissive and meek and just because you’re a woman, you don’t have to be powerless and weak.

When I see Anna Hazare fighting for the Jan Lokpal Bill, I can almost see the new India from the window sill, I can dream of a corruption free India….I get the point, that if you have a dream, you have everything And if you have no dream than everything means nothing.

And when I see the youth coming on the roads to help him,I ponder, why are they doing it? What motivation could they have for coming on the streets and going on fasts? Are they getting paid for it……no, so how can we say that India is governed by money… never can be because souls cannot be purchased.

And now I understand what India means to me,

India is a country full of shocks and surprises, full of life, colour and vigour. It’s a place where you learn the right way of life, where institutions like family, marriage and society have not lost their meaning, where people still care for the younger and respect the elders.

How I wish, I could explain what India means to me and how proud I’m being an Indian but words can’t be enough to express the emotion, the reverence, the respect, the love I feel for the nation.







A  beautiful French actress whose craving for passion and vengeance takes her from the gutters of Paris to the bedroom of a powerful billionaire; a dynamic Greek tycoon who never forgets an insult, never forgives an injury; a handsome war hero lured from his wife by another woman and an innocent American girl who becomes a bewildered pawn in a game of vengeance and betrayal. The Other Side of Midnight is the story of four star-crossed lives enmeshed in a deadly ritual of passion, intrigue and corruption.

This is a kind of novel which should be avoided during times of hectic schedules as once you start reading; chances are that you wouldn’t be able to let it go. A wicked tale of power, passion, betrayal and vengeance, the novel is a definite page turner and gets more gripping with every turn of the page.

Plot: The story revolves around four magnetic personalities, each one of which is bound to have some impact. In a world ruled by men, our leading lady, Noelle Page uses the power of seduction to lure each one of them until he gives in to what she wants and then moves on to another just to seek revenge from the one man she has ever truly loved, Larry Douglas. But what happens when she finally gets to him, had the hatred overpowered the overwhelming love & passion she has once felt for the man?
The all-powerful Greek tycoon Constantin Demeris is also used as a stepping stone by her but she forgets that the man is not ordinary rather a force to reckon with. He possesses absolute power and is absolutely corrupt, who believes in imparting justice his way. Will he ever forgive her or destroy her totally? Catherine Alexander is the only character with no evil intentions but still is brutally caught in the middle of the storm. Her only crime was being a loving wife and working to keep her marriage alive.
Writing  style: The only flaw in the book can be said to be its writing style. The book starts with the story of Noelle page and then jumps to the story of Catherine and keeps on jumping from time to time. The worst part is that the story turns to the other character when you very much want to know what happens next. But towards the end both the lives are well connected together. The ending is the scoring point, let’s say, you should be prepared for a shocking twist.
Views: If you want an evil tale of vengeance and deadly passion, this could be ‘THE’ book. The story is well structured and the suspense is kept alive throughout the book. The novel might get explicit at places and is not recommended for kids below 18.In all, I would definitely recommend the novel. Sidney Sheldon has lived up to the title, “the master of the unexpected”. I’m certain once you finish the novel, you would run to the store for its sequel Memories of Midnight.
Rating: 4/5


***this article was written in 2011, after reading about the 7 suicides@IITs the year had seen.I was deeply touched by the fact the bright minds resort to such a thing as denying the beautiful gift of God-life !. Listening to my batchmates at IIT talking about it, I felt the need to pen my thoughts down. Hope you find it encouraging.
“Take care of yourself beta, we are always there for you”,the words echoed down the empty corridor. What I saw was,well, a bitter sweet scene-an anxious and caring mum was counselling her daughter.I knew that girl and was also aware of the fact that she had fared badly in her exams.I moved on , relieved by the fact the she was being counselled to take failure in her stride.Why did I feel relieved? ? What was bugging me ? why was I calmed by the fact that her parents were supporting her and advising her not to give up,not to loose heart???Why did the comforting words of her mum pacify me down, even though we hardly knew each other ??? The reason was that my heart was trembling with fear,my mind occupied with a grievous news that my friend broke to me in the morning ….
thus read the front page news. A computer science student at IIT Patna had committed suicide .
I was taken aback.7 SUICIDES? IIT? “nothing new, it happens every year”,my wing-mate said and moved towards her room . But for me,it was as if time went still. The news had shaken my entire being.My heart pained to think of the plight of the deceased’s parents, and to think of the years she spent , the hardwork she would have done to get into one of the most reputed institutes of the country , only to die disheartened and tired of life.
Yes , I am aware of the fact that suicides in IITs are not unheard of . I have heard of many young bright minds succumbing to the pressure and resorting to such an extreme step.Brilliant brains,bright minds have been lost.
why?what led them to such a decision that left their families grieving and mourning for them?? A single reason can not be assigned as the root cause of such a step. Human mind is complex.More than one factor is usually involved in a decision as huge and as scary as killing oneself.
Speaking of reasons, some of the most debated reasons of student suicide in IITs are –stress, loneliness, severe competition, stringent curriculum, strictness and apathy on the part of instructors , high hopes and aspirations of parents, high expectations from oneself and the pressure to perform well. Highly stressful ,isn’t it ? well, the life of an IITian is like that.
Back home they are hailed as if they have come down from planet Krypton. They are looked upon as really intellectual beings who are bound to perform well wherever they go. Parents, peers and relatives expect them to keep outperforming, just as they did in school or the IITJEE. They were brilliant performers at school and were always popular. They could score high marks without much trouble and without breaking a sweat . But what everybody forgets is that in IIT everybody was once a topper. So the competition here is really of an altogether different level as compared to school or JEE days.
The increasing number of students resorting to suicide in these premier institutes of the country has left the IIT fraternity quite disturbed. Govardhan Mehta –a leading researcher and former IIT faculty member-attributes such instances to the change in the mindset of the new generation. He feels that the current lot is very ambitious and is intolerant to failure.They are used to see themselves at the top of the success ladder always , but IITs are different, here everybody is equally competent.This is what makes them feel dejected.
They are not seen as pseudo –Einsteins anymore. It has also been discussed that students here feel an identity crisis. If one can boast of an Olympiad victory,being a computer-genius,topper of school, a great JEE rank ,he will always find others who can boast of the same credentials too. So he feels that he doesn’t have something unique to boast of or be proud of ,some achievement that identifies him …
Some people take this situation with a positive outlook and work harder to prove themselves. Others, who are usually in majority take this as a failure on their part and become stressed. And if one goes into the abyss of despair once, life looks more and more entangled and the poor soul soul searches for escape and relief from his life.
Thus stress the root cause of more malaises than what was previously thought. YES, STRESS KILLS!!!!!!
Most IIT administrations have by far largely blamed internet and computer usage as the root cause of the problems of the students. All night long hacking competitions, gaming, music downloading, file sharing, chatting et al – all conspire to ruin a student’s academics. Due to all this ,half the junta doesn’t go to the morning lectures and those who go usually sleep off in the class, and those who don’t look asleep are those who are present in the class physically but are mentally are off somewhere to their own world, not resulting in any attention to the professor’s words. Due to these considerations IIT-B has introduced a LAN –BAN from 12 at night to 7 in the morning.Data caps exist in other IITs.An appreciable step indeed.
Human nature is such that high self-expectation creates within us an ego-centric attitude,which in a state of depression fills our minds with negative thoughts and provokes a cowardly act like suicide.
What these people forget is that “COMING TO IIT IS ONLY WINNING HALF THE BATTLE”. The societal and peer pressure surmounts in the campus life and it is not easy for one and all to realize the dreams they once cherished . And parents , they play a pivotal role in lowering the stress threshold limit of their child due to high expectations. Many students kill themselves because of the fear that their parents will not accept failure …
Well there are many ways by which you can put back the “ SUPPOSEDLY BROKEN PIECES OF YOUR LIFE”. You can take help of stress management professionals, psychologists and try to calm oneself down. A pep-talk with a friend can make you feel all light and energized.Due to this the concept of room-sharing has been introduced.NO PROBLEM IS TOO BIG TO REMAIN UNSOLVED. As far as the educational system is concerned, can’t possibly overhaul it overnight. It needs highly organized thinking and time. A small step at a time is wise idea just like the student mentorship program is an innovative and powerful step towards directing students towards the right approach of life at IITs.Some instructors can be unfair,just like some students will be rule breakers.Life’s like that . We should not try to mend something that is not broken.
I seriously feel disgusted at the act of committing suicide.
You might have problems in academics –agreed,you might be a five point someone or four point someone for that matter , you might have not landed with a plum job ,you might be having adjustment problems . COME ON , this is life !! It is not supposed to be fair,you have to wind you life up by yourself by maintaining a positive outlook and trying to rediscover yourself !!!! IT IS MORE IMPORTANT IN LIFE TO UNDERSTAND AND REALIZE THE BIGGER PICTURE AND IT IS FUNNY HOW THINGS THAT WE ARE SO WORRIED ABOUT NOW DON’T REALLY MATTER MUCH IN THE END .It is really frustrating to see young lives perish. It is painful to hear about their demise because they could not fight with life ..They should be taught stronger and bigger aspects of life.Remember-”When we look back when we were in trouble ,those troubles look quite modest in the hindsight. that should teach us how to deal with problems and solve them successfully.” WHENEVER ONE GETS DEPRESSING THOUGHTS ABOUT ONE’S WORTHLESSNESS, ONE SHOULD REMEMBER THE LOVE OF OUR PARENTS AND MAKING THEM PROUD BY FIGHTING HARD AGAINST EVERYTHING THAT PUSHES ONE BACK AND EMERGE VICTORIOUS IN THIS STRIFE OF LIFE AND SAY ” I FOUGHT AND WON ” A LIFE IS TOO PRECIOUS TO BE WASTED … PLEASE GIVE YOUR LIFE A SECOND CHANCE, BELIEVE ME ..IT’S WORTH IT ….

Single or multiple tests? Debate continues

Consternation among students as IITs reject national CET and State favours it

The turbulence over the proposed national Common Entrance Test (CET) for admission to undergraduate engineering courses, with the top IITs wanting to pull out from it, has had a ripple effect on all stakeholders.

Students, parents and lecturers are anxiously looking forward for further clarity on the issue from the government’s end.

Many people are sore over the fact that the entrance test for IIT is likely to be merged with the entrance tests for all centrally-funded institutes. The State evincing interest to be part of a national entrance exam for undergraduate engineering courses has only added to the confusion.

While on the one hand, aspirants fear dilution in standards of the exam for IIT, on the other those appearing for CET next year are at sea as to how to proceed with their preparation.

Suhas M, a student of RV PU College who secured rank 4 in CET, feels the IITs should be left untouched.

“If the syllabus is diluted, it will be a disappointment for top achievers. Though one exam for all institutes might take the pressure off students, the IITs have their name because of the quality of education offered and this should not be meddled with.”

Somesh Bhatia, the rank 4 in Comed-K who has also qualified for the IIT this year, feels that there could be one entrance exam, with the IITs conducting an advanced exam after the preliminary entrance.

His peer Shreyas Udupa, who has cleared the IIT-JEE this year, says that one exam deprives the students of opportunities to improve.

“I took many entrance tests this time. If I did not perform to my satisfaction in one, I had the opportunity of doing better in another.”

While these opinions of the toppers mirror those of IIT aspirants, those who are currently studying II PU and are preparing for CET are faced with a different problem. A majority of the colleges and tutorials train students for CET from I PUC itself and a change in the system at this juncture can create problems.

The IITs have been in existence for nearly five decades and they must be given autonomy to decide the exam procedure, opines H S Nagaraj, founder director of BASE. The discussion is not just about having a single or multiple entrance exams.

The standard of the exam is more important. It will be better if the government gives itself and the students some time.

“The State’s CET is one of the best which other states have emulated. There is no need for scrapping it in a hurry,” Nagaraj says.

Dr Sridhar of ACE Creative Learning agrees. “CET in Karnataka has set a benchmark for entrance tests with its transparency. Why is it being taken out?” he asks, adding that the point of having multiple exams is to cater to all learning capabilities and increasing the opportunities for students.

“There could be three entrance tests, one for the IIT and NITs, two other in gradation of easy and middle difficulty levels.”

In response to the several doubts expressed about the proposed exam, Secretary to the Department of Higher Education, Siddaiah, told Deccan Herald that the government was working towards providing clarity and the specifications would be ready within a week after which it would be communicated to the colleges.

 [This article was originally published on Bangalore, Jun 11, 2012, DHNS]

Standard & Poor threat to junk India spooks investors

An unexpected warning by global ratings major S&P on the possibility of India losing its investment grade sovereign rating spooked investor sentiments on Monday, a day that started on a strong note for markets globally after the European leaders agreed to a $125-billion bailout for the Spanish banking system.

The S&P warning also led the rupee to weaken against the dollar by 27 paise to 55.73, while the sensex reversed its five-session winning run to end 51 points in the red at 16,668. The slide in thestock market left investors poorer by Rs 21,000 crore with BSE’s market capitalization now at Rs 58.9 lakh crore.

The warning that India may be relegated to a junk bond status jolted Dalal Street investors and led to a 225-point fall in the sensex from its intra-day high. However, institutional players who deal with FIIs, the most influential of the investor groups on the Street, feel the warning could turn out to be positive for the market and the country. “This is a warning to the government to pursue its economic agenda which will lead to faster GDP growth,” said Dharmesh Mehta, MD (institutional equity), Enam Securities. “After reading the logic behind S&P’s warning, I see this as a positive development for the economy and the market. This would push the government to move faster on reforms, with RBI helping through rate cuts,” Mehta said.

Several other top broking house officials and dealers echoed the same view and said for the current week and the next, there are two things that matter the most. First, the Greek elections on Sunday, which is being equated to a referendum to see if its people are willing to be in the Eurozone. And the other one is the monetary policy decision by RBI on Monday.

Expectations are that Greece would leave the currency block, which could be disastrous for India as its throws the market into uncharted territory, while back home, given low inflation and lower crude oil prices, RBI would cut rates further, a positive for the market.

Usually, a cut in ratings by a global major leads to outflow of FII money both from the stocks and the bond markets.

On Monday, however, FIIs in the stock market were still net buyers at Rs 130 crore while domestic funds were net sellers at Rs 215 crore.

 [This article was originally published on Times of India, TNN | Jun 12, 2012, 05.00AM IST]

IIT-Kanpur rejects CET proposal, plans its own exam

IIT-Kanpur has decided to go its own way on how it picks students from the next academic year. The institute Friday shot down the IIT council’s proposal of a common entrance test for all centrally-funded engineering institutes and announced its own exam.


A resolution to this effect was passed unanimously at IIT-Kanpur’s special senate meeting attended by around 80 members. The admission committee for the exam would be announced shortly.

“In the interest of students, we have decided to hold a separate exam. We will not be part of the joint test proposed by the IIT council in 2013,” said Dr YN Mohapatra, spokesperson, IIT-Kanpur senate, adding that the rules gave IIT senates the right to decide their admission process and syllabi.


While Dr Mohapatra invited other IITs to follow in Kanpur’s footsteps, there was no immediate support. IIT-Bombay director Devang Khakhar said there were no plans of holding a separate test like Kanpur.


“We will go with the decision of our own senate on the issue,” said IIT-Delhi director RK Shevgaonkar.


HRD minister Kapil Sibal could not be reached for comment.


If the move comes about, this would be the first time an IIT would not be a part of the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE). The IIT-Kanpur Students’ Forum had criticised the single entrance test format for all engineering admissions, saying it would put students under greater stress.

[This article was originally posted on Hindustan Times, 09 Jun 2012]

The Social Network

** The statistics are from Pew Research Center’s Internet& American Life Social Network Site
Is reading Twitter one of the first things you do in the morning? Updating a Facebook status a “oh-so-very-important thing” in the to-do list of your day? Remember the last time you spent a day without these Social Networking Sites (SNS) being an essential element? No? Well you are not alone! Studies have shown that the number of the people who are using the SNS have doubled since 2008.Started as an easy way to communicate and “stay-in-touch”, these SNS have accelerated towards transmogrifying our lives. Social sites have had a great impact on not only the current generation but also anyone who feels the need to be in touch with his dearies and keep them updated. And when you are not chatting , you can pick from the plethora of games ! Communication eased, fun multiplied –these SNS come with a complete package! Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn are dominating our lives like nothing else before!
Facebook is the universal social networking site and I hs the highest share of user’s daily visit. Facebook dominates the SNS space in this survey**: 92% of SNS users are on Facebook; 29% use MySpace, 18% used LinkedIn and 13% use Twitter.
There is considerable variance in the way people use various social networking sites: 52% of Facebook users and 33% of Twitter users engage with the platform daily, while only 7% of MySpace and 6% of LinkedIn users do the same.
SNS provide an opportunity to the user of “friending” people. That friend might be a” traditional “ friend or an old acquaintance from school or very casual connection between people who have never really met in person. This sparks off the debate that whether these SNS have made the people more isolated from the “real world” and demeaned the social relations or are they helping in expanding and enriching a person’s social circle?
According to sources ** internet users average 14% more discussion confidants than non-users. Those who use instant messaging service average 12% more core confidants than other internet users or 25% more than non-internet users.
The use of SNS in general was not found to have a negative relationship with the number of overall close ties. However frequent users of Facebook have larger core networks . For eg, someone who uses Facebook a few times per day tend to have about 9% more strong ties.
The largest single group of Facebook friends consists of people from high school(22%) followed by extended family (12%) , coworkers(10%) ,college(9%),immediate family(8%). A very small no. of Facebook friends are people that we might refer to as strangers. The average Facebook user has never met in in person with 7% of their Facebook friends. Additional 3% are the ones they have only met once .
While most of the people only let a very small have a very small number of people in the list of their close social ties, a large section maintain these using SNS . 40% of SNS users have friended all of their core confidants ,an increase from 29% in 2008.
The numbers do tell us a story, but the story of this SNS experience is best told by “us” , who are the part of this phenomenon. It has affected our lives in more ways than one .Effortless communication and not just that remember the ecstasy of finding a long lost friend or the joy of sharing pictures and enjoying those sweet old memories!
SNS also provides a huge marketing platform. Be it celebs or social activists, everyone is hopping in the SNS bandwagon. More people are reached, more ideas conveyed, more messages delivered, more memories relived , more products marketed ! There is something for everyone !!! It is impossible to not come something interesting or informative on the social media. It has also steered the way for a newer revenue opportunities.
Social media has benefitted almost everyone who has been careful enough to walk on the safer paths of internet usage. These social networks have their own shades of white and grey, but our world would never be the same without them !!! 

The Psalm of Life

H.W. Longfellow is perhaps one of the most well known of the American poets of the nineteenth century. The magical poem “The psalm of life” was published in Voices of the Night. The early 19th century saw the greats of American literature together creating the Flowering of New England.
Longfellow is most famous for the “easy to remember “ graceful rhyming. His poems are usually about the common day to day life, the life with all its values and convictions which made it so wonderful, which made it so worth living to the fullest. Looking for the silver lining, living your life to fulfill the purpose it was meant to solve, fighting the odds with the cheerful smile and brave heart rings through this inspiring poem of his. The poem is not abstract, not too over the top, but it teaches us the most important of the lessons –live your life in the right spirit. It is about how our soul is our real identity, we may die but our soul is imperishable and permanent. Since by the means of the soul, immortality is the potential of every soul, then there should be no question of being pessimistic!!
Longfellow said about this poem-“I kept it some time in manuscript , unwilling to show it to anyone, it being a voice from my inmost heart at a time when I was rallying from depression”.
This poem has taught us how important it is to walk the path of earnest righteousness. There are ups and downs, whites and blacks, joys and sorrows but maintaining zeal and enthusiasm is very essential for leading a great life! Life is real! Life is earnest !
So here goes this amazing poem which has changed lives , and will continue doing so :
Tell me not in mournful numbers,
Life is but an empty dream!
For the soul is dead that slumbers ,
And things are not what they seem.
Life is real! Life is earnest!
And the grave is not its goal;
“ Dust thou art, to dust returnest,”
Was not spoken of the soul
Not enjoyment , and not sorrow,
Is our destined end or way;
But to act, that each to-morrow
Finds us farther than to-day.
Art is long, and Time is fleeting,
And our hearts, though stout and brave ,
Still ,like muffled drums ,are beating
Funeral marches to the grave.
In the world’s broad field of battle,
In the bivouac of Life,
Be not like dumb, driven cattle!
Be a hero in the strife!
Trust no future, howe’er pleasant!
Let the Past bury its dead!
Act-act in the living Present!
Heart within, and God o’erhead!
Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing leave behind us
Footprints on the sand of time –
Footprints, that perhaps another,
Sailing o’er life’s solemn main,
A forlorn and shipwrecked brother,
Seeing shall take heart again.
Let us, then, be up and doing,
With a heart for any fate;
Still achieving, still pursuing ,
Learn to labour and to wait,
H.W. Longfellow