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Awaiting the Federal Reserve’s next move!

There is high anticipation from the United States Federal Reserve Board that it might announce some new decisions so that USA financial or economical market can be improved and also the interest in the investors can boot up to make the more investment in the Unites States of America. Suppose that Federal Reserve is a rock concert as an economic amplifier but at a lowest zero level option seem like doing nothing. It might seem too unclear from this about the future of economic environment of the United States of America.  Chairmen Ben Bernanke and other senior executives of the Federal Reserve stated in their report that the economy of United States of America is slumping and the threats have been reported by the Europe’s debt crisis. The two day meeting of the Federal Reserve’s executives decides some rules and regulations and made some changes to the market as by setting the interest rates, that gave the bleaker picture for the United States of America economy. It has been investigated by the economic analysts that Federal Reserve will not give much support for the economic empowerment to increase the economic strength. Federal Reserve has given some options for their perceived likelihood as discussed below:

Extend Operation Twist:  Under this twist the Federal Reserve have planned to sell USD 400 billion in short term treasury securities from September 2012 and will go to buy the long term treasury securities that will make the financial situation better. Investor will be attracted to this for a long term to get the high return.  In order to take decision for this the Federal Reserve will go for to lower the long term rates and increase the short term rates. It has been decided to fasten the economic growth of the United States of America but instead of it the Federal Reserve has restrict the option to make easy the monetary policy. There is advantage of this decision in the economic environment is as potentially lowering the long term rates because it is due to not expanding the Federal Reserve’s record high portfolio. It was explained in the meeting of the executives that in case the Federal Reserve if it goes for expanding the portfolio of the investments it may raises the risk of high inflation later. The next move of the Federal Reserve indicates that operation twist that has been defined by the Federal Reserve will be expiring by end of this month. The economic experts and the analysts say that Federal Reserve will rethink on the deadline and will announce for the extension of the deadline.

Third round of quantitative easing

The analysts observe that when the Federal Reserve will expand its portfolio through buying the more bonds as long term, it is considered as the quantitative easing. The monetary policies of the government when occasionally go for increase in money supply after buying the securities issues by the government and also buy the securities from the market. Quantitative easing increase the options for the money supply by flooding the financial institutions that helps in increase the lending and liquidity for the economics and finance situations over the United States of America market. In case the interest rates has already been lowered by the Federal Reserve but still the quantitative easing has attracted the central banks towards the investment. Still these policies failed to produce the desired effect. The ultimate risk of this decision is that even because the more money is floating around still the fixed amount of goods can be used for sale. This decision will lead to higher prices or inflation.  Federal Reserve has already been involved in the number previous rounds for the sum more than USD 2 trillion. In the third round the budget has been increased by twice of the earlier in the QE3. It can be considered as the most dramatic move for the Federal Reserve that it can be made. It would also trigger the most criticism because it would expand the Fed’s holdings by billions more dollars.

Stronger Language

Federal Reserve also made the statement after each meeting so that the change can be made in the statement for the future decisions. It can be said by defining that the pledge of the economy can be improved further and also spells for these statements can be improved. The timetable given by the Federal Reserve can be changed based on the requirement to raise the short term rates beyond the current target of late 2014 till the late of year 2015.

Do nothing

This would lead to the continuation of the Federal Reserve’s decisions so that it can meet the policy standards decided in the meetings in March and April. After these meetings the policy making can be put on hold till the final decision. Guiding Young Minds

Today the best career advice that can be given to the young is: Find out what you like doing best and get a good college that can make you the best in doing it. This might seem an easy enough task on the face of it, but this single decision can affect a child’s whole career. The confusion, inner turmoil and the huge responsibility – a responsibility of making decisions aligned with your future, may become hard on the ignorant student who is just out of school and filled with dreams of a Ferrari and lots of money.


Most students find themselves at a loss when it comes to making the decision about their future. Be it the lack of knowledge about the career itself or that of options, students always are in a fix and therefore under pressure, make the wrong choices. is the cure of the stress faced by the students of higher classes, the stress of the right choices for their future, which hinders them. The site aims at providing all the information required by the students in one place, and even enhance their understanding about their dream course. It is the best product for ones completing their higher education, as they can find out everything about the colleges, including minor information like basis of entrance, date of entrance exam, contact address.It is a complete database of only the filtered knowledge that the child requires. provides the students the most comprehensive college listing to assist them in making the most important decision of their lives, the best decision of their lives.It is a one-stop-shop for all the info-seekers, where all the important assistance for them is provided for no charge!

It is a consequence of the travails faced by two students  Jayesh, a BBA student of Symbiosis, and Jagrit a school student  of N.H.Goel World School , who brought the website into existence. Inspired by the compelling motive of the first hand pain it took to get the precise assistance, they have gathered information from all the sources and made it available to everyone.For all the visitors, also has a Career Guru, the prominent psychologist Dr. Jawahar Surisetti, to make it even easier as well as better for everyone to make the verdict of their future life and become what they are meant to become.

The website also disseminates information about some well-known careers with less-known knowledge, like Chartered Accountancy, Hotel Management, Commercial Pilot, Fashion Designing etc. which many people crave to become but retreat just one step early because of the lack of the information we provide here. Along with this, it also provides extremely well twigged list of the colleges as per their standings in the traditional fields like Engineering, Management, Commerce, Science, Law, Medicine and Arts.The new dimension of the website is that it will contain the reviews of the students of the colleges as well as the alumni of the listed institutions to ensure that the various claims that institutions make are verified and certified first-hand by existing users.

It would truly serve as a guide for those young minds who are eager to learn but lack the guidance of an expert to discover themselves and make the right choice.

 : One Stop for all Your Home Rental Problems

Home is the place where we can do anything, say anything, wear anything or nothing at all and do whatever we please, but today we remain so much away from home that we long for the comfort and joy of our own sweet home.  While we are away from home we can’t expect the same luxuries that our sweet home has to offer but we do run from shop to shop to create a convenient place to live in, obviously we would need a soft mattress to sleep in and a warm couch so we could snuggle into it while watching the newly brought LCD Tv. Once you create your dream home, the dream shatters slowly when you become aware that the LCD Tv you want, alone would cost you around Rs. 25,000 or more and the automatic washing machine which is a necessity in a world where domestic helpers are almost an extinct species, would be another 30,000 of your hard earned money.

This being the situation your duniya slowly collapses in front of you, true you couldn’t buy your world but now you can rent it and that too at affordable prices. Renturduniya is the one store , with its office in Bangalore which provides you home furniture, electric appliances as well as home appliances at affordable rent for a period ranging from 1 to 24 months.

The Company is the brainchild of Mr. Ajith Karimpana, the founder who says that, customer satisfaction is the sole motto they are operating on and the service is designed to help those people who don’t wish to permanently settle at a place but would like a comfortable stay however short. He further adds that they are currently more an offline company operating in Bangalore but  are working to expand on the internet and have brought for customer’s help.Their aim is to make the website more interactive and consumer-friendly.

The site already seems to be user friendly being easy to use and understand, anyone with a faint idea of English can easily operate it, also if you are not use to internet , you can simply give them a call at their customer care no. 808-801-1888 or drop a mail at The website works in three very simple steps, which are as simple as placing a pizza order: just go to the site and choose the product you want to rent, call them and fix the deal and wait for delivery which is absolutely free. It is a comprehensive store which gives you an opportunity to create a home away from home.

Many a times we think why rent when we can buy and have ownership, well there is not one but many reasons as to why renting is better than buying. It is being a cheaper, convenient since you just have to make a call and wait for your stuff, speedier and you don’t have to worry about the repackaging and shifting when you leave the place. Apart from this truly cares about its customers, you can stay assured of good quality furnitures, they make it a point to refurbish every furniture which is returned after use.

The company’s services are  specially required for short term circumstances when you know you’ll eventually leave the place in a year or two. It keeps in mind the graduate student who is out for education and those professionals who change places frequently for their extended training. The Company allows these types of individuals the pleasure of having a higher quality of products without the cost of a major purchase and also gives them an easy way to clear out their apartment or home when their education is complete or when their training assignment is over.The store offers many innovative and useful packages and you would be happy to go check them out and choose the one that suits you best.

My take : RentUrDuniya is a one stop store for complete home rental and that too at affordable prices, so if you are at a new place for few days and wish to live with comfort and luxury, trust me you wouldn’t regret giving them a call.




Gangs of Wasseypur

Gangs of wasseypur starts with violence and the theatre is filled with the explosive noise of the gunshots. The era is 1941 and the village is Wasseypur where for once the rivalry is not among Hindus and Muslims rather among Pathans and Qureshis. The looting of grains in the name of Sultana Daku by Shahid Khan(Jaideep Ahlawat) and the consequent rivalry forces him to move to Dhanbad to work in a coal mine where he is employed by Ramadhir Singh(Tigmanshu Dhulia) as his right hand man. Later Ramadhir Singh kills Shahid Khan after knowing his intentions  to snatch away the coal mines by using him as a steeping stone,from here starts the revenge saga when Shahid ’s son Sardar Khan(Manoj Bajpai) makes it his lifelong purpose to seek vengeance from Ramadhir Singh not just by killing him but slowly finishing the man. This being the main theme more and more characters are introduced and the war turns into a deadly combat with wicked conspiracies hatched on both sides. The feud between Pathans and Quereshis also grows and the families are shown to be connected by hatred and love.

Director Anurag Kashyap has made a commendable effort to turn a documentary movie into one for commercial audience by infusing moments of sly wit and humour. The film shatters the conventional formulas of film – making with its brilliant screenplay and hard hitting scenes. The songs are at perfect synchronization with the story with songs like keh ke lunga, o womaniya and hunter inserted just at the right time. The action scenes seem real  and are noteworthy.

The performances are fantastic and finely delivered. All the characters are well suited to their roles, but I particularly liked Faizal Khan (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who presents a wonderful performance and makes an impact in the very short role. His date  with his love interest  Mohsina ( Huma Quereshi) is out-and-out hilarious and one of the best scenecs of the movie. Despite being a short and thin man and a son of a Mafia he comes out as an endearing and enigmatic character.The film has its own brand of humour portrayed in  scenes like  Sardar Khan  slapping the M.LA  in front of his father, his interaction with his wife Najma(Richa Chadda) and his lustful flirting with his mistress Durga ( Reema Sen).

The movie has its ups but due to its arduous length might not appeal to the average audience. The story after a time gets boring with too much violence and it seems as if the movie has come to a standstill. It’s a serious sort of movie and is not recommended for light watch to freshen up your mood and mind.The story might get too confusing as new characters are introduced till the very end and the viewer is throughly confused as to who is who.You might give it a shot if you really love gang wars and are willing to endure the 2 hour 40 min long movie filled with ruthless violence and abuses.It leaves you feeling unsatisfied and you wonder whether or not to go for the second part. If you are not comfortable with bodies being butchered mercilessly and blood shed everywhere, this movie is definitely not for you. Overall, it is a movie which might get good critic rating but will not be able to lure the audience.

Rating : 2.5/5







Measuring the Earth’s waist on the longest summer day !

The importance of June 21 might have gone unnoticed by the layman, but for the students of various Delhi schools, it was a big chance to emulate the Greek astronomer Eratosthenes. These students participated in an exercise on Thursday to measure the earth’s circumference on the longest day of summer.
Organised by Science Popularisation of Communicators and Educators (SPACE), the participants took actual measurements of the shadows made by the sun to measure the circumference of the earth as done 2,300 years ago by Greek astronomer Eratosthenes. Eratosthenes was the first person to calculate the circumference of the earth by using a measuring system using stades or the length of stadiums during that time period (with remarkable accuracy).
Thursday being the longest day and the shortest night, we measured the circumference of the earth. After today the duration of the day will be shorter and of the night will be of longer,” said Pooja Kumar of SPACE.
“We are observing the angle of the sun and measuring the shadows. In general, the exact timing of the summer solstice changes from year to year,” she added.
Known as the Project Paridhi ( the word paridhi means “measure “ making it quite apt for the Eratosthenes experiment), the measurement activity went on from 9:30 in the morning to 2 pm at the Jantar Mantar. The project involves participants taking measurement of shadows at noon, at different places on the same longitude, such as Delhi and Bangalore.
“I am measuring the shadow of the sun through an instrument called gnomon meaning ‘indicator’. It is the oldest method to measure direction, time and location by shadows,” said Mehul, a student from Ryan International, Rohini.
“Using the shadow of the sun we will find out the angle of the sun. We are measuring the shadow after every 5 minutes,” Mehul added.
SPACE also partnered with astronomers from Kazakhistan for the conduct of this experiment.
What we have gathered is that Thursday would be 14-hour long day. We measured the sun’s shadow every 5 minutes and we will calculate the earths circumference by the formula known,” said Vibhu Narayan, a student of St. Columba’s school in Delhi.

IIT Delhi to go the Kanpur way ?

Another IIT has followed the path initiated by IIT Kanpur. Now IIT Delhi has rejected the common test proposal that was rolled out by the Ministry of HRD, by stating that the Centre’s policy is an impeachment on the autonomy of IITs across the country.
“The main reasons are whatever resolution has been adopted by theIIT Delhi Senate on May 2, those resolutions have been rejected by the IIT Council in their meeting on May 12 and 28 May, which we felt is not correct and that is why IIT Delhi Senate rightly has rejected the Council’s proposal and IIT Delhi’s Senate feels that it is an impeachment on our autonomy,” said Prof. Mittal of the civil engineering dept was quoted as saying .
“So, it is a broader issue of the autonomy of our IIT system. And then we say what is the way forward, the way forward is that IIT will conduct its own exam, so we have decided that we will conduct our own exam,” he added.
It is worth noting that the decision of conducting a common entrance test for admission into the IITs ,NITs and IIITs has met with nation wide debate and is being seen as an attack on the autonomy of the IITs. This test is proposed to have a significant weightage of class 12th board marks.
IIT Kanpur had earlier this month rejected the proposed test branding it ‘academically and methodically unsound’.
The IIT faculty federation has argued that the ISEET for admission to the undergraduate programme to the IITs and other Centrally-funded institutes will deteriorate the autonomous status enjoyed by the IITs. With these concerns the IIT faculty federation had met the Prime Minister , Dr.Manmohan Singh on 15th june and expressed their various concerns regarding the proposal and the PM had assured that the autonomy of these institutes shall not be tampered with.

With IIT Delhi’s refusal to follow the new pattern, the shroud of uncertainty hovering around the test pattern in 2013 has darkened.This is definitely marring the interest of students who aspire these coveted institutes .The crisis needs to be resolved at the earliest for the best interests of students at mind.

The “not-so” hard long distance relationship

How many times have we heard from couples living away from each other that, “long distance relationships are haaaard”. Many a times we ourselves have passed the judgment saying, “these kind of relationships don’t work”… of course they dont, nothing works on its own ….you are supposed to make it work. We all know that much ….but long distance relationships are not always bad or hard, they do have their share of benefits and funnily enough they might even seem a better option. Here are some things you should definitely appreciate and take advantage of when in such a relationship.

Your space is still your own: Your personal space is like a bubble surrounding you and you are bound to feel uncomfortable if someone is constantly trying to get in. True, your partner has a right to intrude but think again do you want his/her’s permission before taking every decision, you might want his/her’s opinion but not permission. In a long distance relationship, your personal bubble is still intact, you have your own time, you can pursue any opportunity and can freely use all your time for your interests.

Gives you time to think :  A long distance relationship forces you to go slow in terms of physical intimacy and gives you time to think before you make major decisions. You have time to dwell on questions as to whether you really are ready for such commitment. Is he the right person? Is she worth the emotional pain and the long wait? Etc.

You can be filthy: This might sound funny but one of the biggest advantages you have is that you can be filthy. You can live without taking a bath for days, you don’t need to change your jeans every other day and you don’t have to go check your appearance every time you go out. In short, you can enjoy being untidy and messy without someone complaining, “Baby, why don’t you just go take a bath”

The joy of meeting: The anticipation, the excitement and finally the joy you feel when you see your sweetheart after such a long time. This feeling would never be known to the couples who live together and this is the very feeling which makes you sure about your choice and strengthens your bond.

Increases the value of a person : Spending time apart from someone shows you how much you really need them in your life.You talk more and kiss and cuddle less. At first, this might sound too bad but it might prove good in the long run. Since you communicate more you get to know the other person really well, you actually fall in love with his/her personality rather than appearance. Being away also increases the other’s value, haven’t we heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

No choice between friends and love : Majority of couples face this single problem, if your partner and you have different sets of friends the problem gets worsened, you can be trapped in situations when you have to choose among the two. But a long distance couple never faces this problem, when your boyfriend is in  town your friends will be extra understanding since they know you rarely get a chance to meet him, while he would also encourage you to hang out more with your friends as it would be helpful to cope with the emotional trauma you feel once he’s gone.

You can indulge freely in some casual flirting without bothering about the other’s jealousy : This is truly the good part , you can sometimes indulge yourself in casual and healthy flirting just for fun without bothering about the other’s jealousy. This doesn’t mean that you have to be unfaithful to your significant other but a little flirting won’t hurt anyone and may even brighten your mood.

Saves money : You can save a lot of petrol and your hard earned pocket money…..but this can go the other way also, if you decide to travel a lot to see your sweetheart or decide to talk or text every other minute.

So next time someone says, “long distance relationships doesn’t work or are very hard”……just remember there are many benefits distance has to offer, grab them and let your love travel the distance. After all, “distance does not ruin people’s relationship, you don’t have to see someone daily to be in love”.



Facebook to buy facial-recognition startup: sources

Facebook Inc is paying $US55 million to $US60 million to buy, according to people familiar with the matter, acquiring the company that provides the facial-recognition technology used by the world’s largest social network to help users identify and tag photos.

The deal bolsters one of Facebook’s most popular features – the sharing and handling of photos – but the use of the startup’s technology has spurred concerns about user privacy.

The No. 1 social network will pay cash and stock for, potentially paying as much as $US60 million, two sources with knowledge of the deal said. Media reports in past weeks have pegged the transaction at $US80 million to $US100 million.

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Neither Facebook nor disclosed terms of the deal, which is expected to close in coming weeks.

Facebook, which will acquire the technology and the employees of the 11-person Israeli company, said in a statement that the deal allows the company to bring a “long-time technology vendor in house”., which has raised nearly $US5 million from investors including Russian web search site Yandex, launched its first product in 2009. The company makes standalone applications that consumers can use to help them identify photos of themselves and of their friends on Facebook, as well as providing the technology that Facebook has integrated into its service.

Facebook uses the technology to scan a user’s newly uploaded photos, compares faces in the snapshots with previous pictures, then tries to match faces and suggest name tags. When a match is found, Facebook alerts the person uploading the photos and invites them to “tag”, or identify, the person in the photo.

Responding to inquiries from US and European privacy advocates, Facebook last year made it easier for users to opt out of its controversial facial-recognition technology for photographs posted on the website, an effort to address concerns that it had violated consumers’ privacy.

The deal is the latest in a string of acquisitions by Facebook in recent months, including the $US1 billion acquisition of mobile photo-sharing service Instagram. US antitrust regulators are undertaking an extended review of the Instagram deal, which Facebook expects to close by the end of the year.

Shares of Facebook, which continue to trade below the price at which they were offered during the initial public offering in May, closed Monday’s regular session up 4.7 per cent at $US31.41.

[This article was originally published on The Sydney Morning Herald on 19 Jun 2012]

We can ride out another global crisis, says Montek

India has the ability to ride out even the worst sort of financial shock delivered by the Euro zone crisis, assured planning commission deputy chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia here on Monday. In the worst case scenario where European investors might recall their roughly $140-billion investment, he said India would still have half its foreign exchange reserves intact.

Ahluwalia argued that the forecast of an economic collapse, following a Euro zone blowout, “assumes that no one would want to lend to us in such a situation”.

But, he argued, bankers who looked at the global system would consider India’s lowered 6.5% growth rate to be impressive in comparison to the rest of the world.

Ahluwalia, however, admitted: “We’re slowing down and this is not just because of the world situation.”

He also admitted that New Delhi now had less “firepower’” to handle a financial crisis and it could take another two years to get a reasonable growth rate again.

[This article was published originally by Pramit Pal Chaudhuri, Hindustan Times Los Cabos (Mexico), June 19, 2012]

Book Review: Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella

Readers beware!!!!: let me warn you at the start, it is not a book for boys at all and girls if you are tom boyish types  , I humbly request you to avoid reading it even for killing time as it would literally piss you off. The book is for girls who dream about prince charming, are nervous, lacks self-confidence, and likes romances of the type “damsel in distress and knight in shining armor”.

The basic theme that the book portrays is that one should never be afraid to be one’s real self. Our leading heroine is EMMA Corrigan, who is a normal ‘just another girl on the street’ although she is a bit too nervous and hyper tensed all the time and thinks too much. The reader might get irritated as her mind never shuts up. She is unhappy with her career, her family and is not actually in love with her current boyfriend. She meets a man in a plane and in a moment when she thinks that the plane is going to crash and everybody is going to die, she pours her soul out and tells all her deepest secrets to the man. The man turns out to be her super boss (he owns the company where she works) and then starts the cycle of teasing, double meaning comments and the girl mostly is clueless as she has no idea about the man’s intentions and is unaware as to his any secrets. They start dating after she breaks up with her old boy friend but something happens, as usual misunderstandings are created, he reveals all her secrets on the national television and she thinks he used her for his selfish interests. I don’t want to go on further and spoil the fun by hinting the climax.

I actually like the idea that even if someone knows all your secrets and still loves you anyway, its love. It might make you laugh at times with its witty jokes and funny circumstances. It’s actually a book one could use for time pass and I mean strictly for time pass.

Overall: just another chick-lit, girls might like it, the idea is good but the story gets a bit boring and way too predictable, nothing like a great romance, can be used for passing time but I personally won’t recommend it.

Rating: 2/5