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The virtual eye effect!

“Click” and a brief flash. it compels you to look up from the headlines of the morning daily , to see a guy in his middle teen flaunting a neat DSLR trying to capture Kodak  moments in the jogging park.

Tucked in one of the numerous lanes in the heart ofIndia, one will always come across a “Kamera Gully” , a place where you will be followed by voices persuading you to buy cameras for 15 to 20% discount ( well!! with no bills or warranty). However today things have changed a long way, a DSLR camera is in the wish list or rather possession list of any person in the wide age range of 15 to 65.

Now, what has brought about this major change??

Market leaders Nikon and Canon have realized a huge potential in the Indian market camera space and are no longer neglecting this mushrooming market. These camera  demi gods have flooded the market with entry level DSLRs to increase penetration. Nikon relaunched its D3000 model in response to the high demand of the product. It is one of the cheapest ( Rs 25,450) and highest selling model that comes with an autofocus (AF-S) 18-15 mm lens.

Technology advances, lower taxes and innovative marketing strategies  have brought down the prices drastically and thereby triggered the changing aspirations of the average Indian. A DSLR camera not just gives superior picture quality over a compact camera, but also allows user to choose from a variety of interchangeable lens. It gives a real fast performance with absolute no shutter lag. It has better sensor and provide rich and better quality pictures. It is however a pretty cumbersome process to pin point a specific reason which has lead to this immense craze for DSLRs .


Rising income allow the young generation to indulge themselves in hobbies like photography which was relatively expensive a few years ago. Mobile phones and social networking has made it possible for the GenX to display there art to myriad audience .Hence affordability, wider access and greater user friendliness have transformed the economics and market for customers, manufacturer and distributors.

A lot of amateurs are switching to DSLR as these cameras are no longer restricted to only the professional domain


The market is growing at a massive pace and the numbers does the speaking for themselves. According to market research firm (IDC)India, the DSLR market market currently about 1% of the entire digital camera market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of about 90% from 2009 to 2014, while the entire digital camera market is expected to grow at CAGR of 40% to 41%.

So, you still dare and say , it’s the economy play ….No! no this time itz the DSLR who is the game changer


Killing technology trends, improved feature and functionalities are also fueling the passion for DSLR, (seems like DSLR has just struck the JLo cord.. I’m Into You) Market studies clearly show that digital cameras are among the top five electronic gadget that are universally coveted.

In case of DSLR , integration of feature like video recording has also increased the sales. Introduction of high definition (HD) video recording in most of the DSLRs has helped consumers stick to one product rather than spending money on still cameras as well as cam recorders separately.

Companies like Canon have a new functionalities such as HD video, live view option etc, on there high agenda. Further prices of components like the processors, panels and display screen continue to fall with technical progress, bringing down the price of the entire product and making the Hot DSLR more affordable.

Companies have also started bundling the DSLR camera body with Kit lens in order to attract consumers who are looking for straight out of the box function

in spite of all these good things around taxation ( all time loathed) acts as a Wet blanket. VAT has not come down and worse is it varies from place to place which does not allow Indian market to be a homogenous integrated market. In fact taxes inIndiaare higher than those of the other countries, making importing a camera increase its cost by about 17%.

However, the DSLR market is definitely all set to grow and reach the apogee, with the camera manufactures having there head bend together in experimenting and inventing one new thing of the other.

So, next time down in 5 years, when you see another guy in his middle teen holding a DSLR camera ..what do you expect , Might be a slimmer , colorful DSLR with a touch Screen Display.

Possibilities are never ruled out!