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Being Indian: A matter of shame or pride?

 Does being Indian entail a matter of great pride or humiliation? The question relates to how you perceive your mother nation, what it means to you ?

Is it just a country, you were born into through a chance of luck or shall I say bad luck?

Is it just a nation whose nationality is struck to you?

Is it just a convenient place where your ancestors settled?

Is it just a place where people seem to be fighting in the name of caste, class and religion?

Is it just a country where politicians follow the policy of ‘promise and forget’; where the little pieces of paper called money are the master and everyone else a slave?

well, I think its a lot more than that……

It’s not a country I was born into; it’s an enigma I’m still trying to grasp.

It’s not just a nation whose nationality is struck to me, because I’m proud to be an Indian.

It might be a place where my ancestors settled for convenience’s sake but it just proves that it’s a land full of resources and opportunities.

It’s not a place where people fight in the name of caste, class and religion because the constitution of India declares in its preamble that India is a secular state with equal respect for all religions.

And no it cannot be a country governed by lying hypocrites and money because there is a lot more to learn from the enigma called “India”.

When I study about people like Gandhi, Nehru and all those who gave away their life for the sole purpose of liberty……….I learn patience and persistence.

When I learnt the words of Bhagat singh, ‘it is easy to kill individuals but you cannot kill the ideas. Great empires crumble while the ideas survive’. I learned to strive for what I believe; in short I learned a way of life.

When I was told the story of Rani Lakshmi Bai I learned the power of women.

When I learned that Aryabhatta of India outshines everyone in the history of mathematics.When I learn that he was the one who made the discovery of zero, I become aware of the intellectual power India holds.

When I read the “Arthashastra’ written by Chanakya, which is a classic of statecraft and is reverently studied even in Europe and elsewhere, I grasp the concept of politics and marvel on these great Indian men and their works.

When I heard the success story of Dr. Kiran Bedi,I learned that, when you live in a world ruled by corruption, you don’t have to surrender.When you live in a society governed by men, you don’t have to be submissive and meek and just because you’re a woman, you don’t have to be powerless and weak.

When I see Anna Hazare fighting for the Jan Lokpal Bill, I can almost see the new India from the window sill, I can dream of a corruption free India….I get the point, that if you have a dream, you have everything And if you have no dream than everything means nothing.

And when I see the youth coming on the roads to help him,I ponder, why are they doing it? What motivation could they have for coming on the streets and going on fasts? Are they getting paid for it……no, so how can we say that India is governed by money… never can be because souls cannot be purchased.

And now I understand what India means to me,

India is a country full of shocks and surprises, full of life, colour and vigour. It’s a place where you learn the right way of life, where institutions like family, marriage and society have not lost their meaning, where people still care for the younger and respect the elders.

How I wish, I could explain what India means to me and how proud I’m being an Indian but words can’t be enough to express the emotion, the reverence, the respect, the love I feel for the nation.