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The Right Way to Watch a Movie

Many a times we have read articles suggesting us as to whether  we should watch a particular movie or not but rarely we come across articles that guide us  as to how to watch a movie. This is one of the latter kind.Movie- watching has become one of the most loved pastime for young and old alike. It is an experience we all like to take pleasure in but there are people who are capable of totally annoying you and robbing you of the fun and joy you would have felt and rather makes you a sulking and irritated viewer. If you don’t want to be that someone, then  keep in mind that there are certain rules for watching movies.

Switch off that ever-ringing phone: Yes we are aware that you are a very important person and a celebrity amongst your friends, each one of them turns to you for advice and your mobile never stops ringing and you are totally proud of the fact. But seriously nobody at the movie hall is here to know what a flourishing social life you have, so kindly keep your cell phone switched off or in silent mode.

Hush up or go out and talk : Even if you take up a call which is very important, kindly keep it as soft and short as possible. If you can’t do that there’s always the exit gate, go out and finish the conversation.

Keep your comments to yourself: You are here to enjoy the movie and so is everyone else. Its fun to come in a big group with friends but stop passing those snide comments which you and your friends think are very funny and are howling with laughter. Always keep in mind there are other people as well, so just hush up a little.

Get a room guys: If you turn to movies to spend some “alone time” with your partner by getting all romantic and mushy mushy, please get a room guys. This is so not the place for stuff like this, maintain the decency of the place, you might be comfortable with public display of affection but others are not.

Don’t bring the crying babies: Avoid bringing your little baby to movies and if you do, take the kid out when he cries so as not to disturb others.

Stop kicking the front seats: Many people have a habit to just swing their legs and keep kicking the front seat, you might not even be aware about it but you’re totally pissing off the person sitting on the chair.

No smoking, drinking or littering: Most theatres nowadays don’t allow taking any eatables inside, which solves the problem of smoking or drinking but it won’t hurt you if you avoid making a bloody mess throwing packets here and there, spreading popcorn everywhere and sticking chewing gums under your seats.

Control your bodily functions: Stop farting or burping, if you really have to do it, please go use the washroom.

let’s make sure we follow these simple rules and turn the movie watching experience into a pleasure for all.

Gangs of Wasseypur

Gangs of wasseypur starts with violence and the theatre is filled with the explosive noise of the gunshots. The era is 1941 and the village is Wasseypur where for once the rivalry is not among Hindus and Muslims rather among Pathans and Qureshis. The looting of grains in the name of Sultana Daku by Shahid Khan(Jaideep Ahlawat) and the consequent rivalry forces him to move to Dhanbad to work in a coal mine where he is employed by Ramadhir Singh(Tigmanshu Dhulia) as his right hand man. Later Ramadhir Singh kills Shahid Khan after knowing his intentions  to snatch away the coal mines by using him as a steeping stone,from here starts the revenge saga when Shahid ’s son Sardar Khan(Manoj Bajpai) makes it his lifelong purpose to seek vengeance from Ramadhir Singh not just by killing him but slowly finishing the man. This being the main theme more and more characters are introduced and the war turns into a deadly combat with wicked conspiracies hatched on both sides. The feud between Pathans and Quereshis also grows and the families are shown to be connected by hatred and love.

Director Anurag Kashyap has made a commendable effort to turn a documentary movie into one for commercial audience by infusing moments of sly wit and humour. The film shatters the conventional formulas of film – making with its brilliant screenplay and hard hitting scenes. The songs are at perfect synchronization with the story with songs like keh ke lunga, o womaniya and hunter inserted just at the right time. The action scenes seem real  and are noteworthy.

The performances are fantastic and finely delivered. All the characters are well suited to their roles, but I particularly liked Faizal Khan (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who presents a wonderful performance and makes an impact in the very short role. His date  with his love interest  Mohsina ( Huma Quereshi) is out-and-out hilarious and one of the best scenecs of the movie. Despite being a short and thin man and a son of a Mafia he comes out as an endearing and enigmatic character.The film has its own brand of humour portrayed in  scenes like  Sardar Khan  slapping the M.LA  in front of his father, his interaction with his wife Najma(Richa Chadda) and his lustful flirting with his mistress Durga ( Reema Sen).

The movie has its ups but due to its arduous length might not appeal to the average audience. The story after a time gets boring with too much violence and it seems as if the movie has come to a standstill. It’s a serious sort of movie and is not recommended for light watch to freshen up your mood and mind.The story might get too confusing as new characters are introduced till the very end and the viewer is throughly confused as to who is who.You might give it a shot if you really love gang wars and are willing to endure the 2 hour 40 min long movie filled with ruthless violence and abuses.It leaves you feeling unsatisfied and you wonder whether or not to go for the second part. If you are not comfortable with bodies being butchered mercilessly and blood shed everywhere, this movie is definitely not for you. Overall, it is a movie which might get good critic rating but will not be able to lure the audience.

Rating : 2.5/5