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Today the best career advice that can be given to the young is: Find out what you like doing best and get a good college that can make you the best in doing it. This might seem an easy enough task on the face of it, but this single decision can affect a child’s whole career. The confusion, inner turmoil and the huge responsibility – a responsibility of making decisions aligned with your future, may become hard on the ignorant student who is just out of school and filled with dreams of a Ferrari and lots of money.


Most students find themselves at a loss when it comes to making the decision about their future. Be it the lack of knowledge about the career itself or that of options, students always are in a fix and therefore under pressure, make the wrong choices. is the cure of the stress faced by the students of higher classes, the stress of the right choices for their future, which hinders them. The site aims at providing all the information required by the students in one place, and even enhance their understanding about their dream course. It is the best product for ones completing their higher education, as they can find out everything about the colleges, including minor information like basis of entrance, date of entrance exam, contact address.It is a complete database of only the filtered knowledge that the child requires. provides the students the most comprehensive college listing to assist them in making the most important decision of their lives, the best decision of their lives.It is a one-stop-shop for all the info-seekers, where all the important assistance for them is provided for no charge!

It is a consequence of the travails faced by two students  Jayesh, a BBA student of Symbiosis, and Jagrit a school student  of N.H.Goel World School , who brought the website into existence. Inspired by the compelling motive of the first hand pain it took to get the precise assistance, they have gathered information from all the sources and made it available to everyone.For all the visitors, also has a Career Guru, the prominent psychologist Dr. Jawahar Surisetti, to make it even easier as well as better for everyone to make the verdict of their future life and become what they are meant to become.

The website also disseminates information about some well-known careers with less-known knowledge, like Chartered Accountancy, Hotel Management, Commercial Pilot, Fashion Designing etc. which many people crave to become but retreat just one step early because of the lack of the information we provide here. Along with this, it also provides extremely well twigged list of the colleges as per their standings in the traditional fields like Engineering, Management, Commerce, Science, Law, Medicine and Arts.The new dimension of the website is that it will contain the reviews of the students of the colleges as well as the alumni of the listed institutions to ensure that the various claims that institutions make are verified and certified first-hand by existing users.

It would truly serve as a guide for those young minds who are eager to learn but lack the guidance of an expert to discover themselves and make the right choice.





Options for unlimited knowledge –

There are many reasons for the depleting quality of undergraduate and graduate students. One such reason is the increasing amount of academic pressure. The course curriculum is intensive and includes several practical sessions to help the students develop a thorough knowledge. Often these large amount of projects and assignments leave very less time for the students to understand the topic. The students often opt for unscrupulous practices like copying from online resources or getting it done by their seniors.

This leaves the students with limited knowledge. Although, the grades are higher but the value gained is minimum. The education acquired is only confined to the assignments. At times the students are at fault but then there are also situations when the things are beyond their control. Due to the tight deadlines it is often not possible for the students to clear their doubts. The faculty of the college is not easily available or it can also happen that the student is undergoing a distance learning program which in most cases hardly has any interactive facility.

Clearing the doubts is essential and it is important to have the proper guidance. Unless there is proper guidance it is difficult to understand the concepts and its applications. To make education value based one must work towards understanding the concepts. Those undergoing distance learning program should make sure that the university or college they have enrolled offers online tutoring facilities. If such facility is not available then the students can always opt for these online services available over the internet. Those into on-campus programs can also take the support of this type of tutoring. If the faculty cannot be reached easily or there is a major time crunch then the online tutoring websites are of great help.

What is important at the end of the day is gaining knowledge not the medium through of doing it. Students can derive great benefit by mixing campus and online teaching options. After the regular classes, if there is any trouble executing a work, then the support of online tutors can be taken. This will ensure that when working on any assignment or project the concepts are clear and the work is done properly, without copying it from any other place.

There are many online website that offer coaching services and affordable rates. Select the one that best suits the need and make sure there are quality subject matter experts for proper guidance. Mix this online way of study with the on campus program for the maximum benefit. It is not just learning a concept or theory but also understanding them and their applications in real time situations.  The one of them reliable and quality tutoring website is

iWantTutor Profile is one of the India`s fastest growing online tutoring companies. It is a unit of Fullerene Solutions & Services, which is a market leader in a wide spectrum of Techno – Business Consulting & educational services. Their mission is to provide world-class tutoring and high-quality education to students around the world. It has been providing quality education with the help of a 150+ team of highly skilled and qualified members.

Through its focused modules on Homework-help and preparation for examinations, their team have helped hundreds of students across the globe to achieve stupendous success in their schools and colleges. Their vision is to incorporate and devise all possible options that will enable us to reach out to more and more students and help us make a difference to their lives. has the added advantage of inducting Indian tutors who are in demand worldwide along with access to the latest web-based technologies in online tutoring. Our tutors are trained in the American and British accents, and are well versed with the curriculums in the US, UK & Australia .
The rigorous pre-service and in-service training programs and certifications that our tutors undergo, give them a holistic and comprehensive knowledge about the culture, education systems and linguistic specificity of regions from across the world. They are thus capable of handling any outsourced tutoring assignments with our current team.

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