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Today the best career advice that can be given to the young is: Find out what you like doing best and get a good college that can make you the best in doing it. This might seem an easy enough task on the face of it, but this single decision can affect a child’s whole career. The confusion, inner turmoil and the huge responsibility – a responsibility of making decisions aligned with your future, may become hard on the ignorant student who is just out of school and filled with dreams of a Ferrari and lots of money.


Most students find themselves at a loss when it comes to making the decision about their future. Be it the lack of knowledge about the career itself or that of options, students always are in a fix and therefore under pressure, make the wrong choices. is the cure of the stress faced by the students of higher classes, the stress of the right choices for their future, which hinders them. The site aims at providing all the information required by the students in one place, and even enhance their understanding about their dream course. It is the best product for ones completing their higher education, as they can find out everything about the colleges, including minor information like basis of entrance, date of entrance exam, contact address.It is a complete database of only the filtered knowledge that the child requires. provides the students the most comprehensive college listing to assist them in making the most important decision of their lives, the best decision of their lives.It is a one-stop-shop for all the info-seekers, where all the important assistance for them is provided for no charge!

It is a consequence of the travails faced by two students  Jayesh, a BBA student of Symbiosis, and Jagrit a school student  of N.H.Goel World School , who brought the website into existence. Inspired by the compelling motive of the first hand pain it took to get the precise assistance, they have gathered information from all the sources and made it available to everyone.For all the visitors, also has a Career Guru, the prominent psychologist Dr. Jawahar Surisetti, to make it even easier as well as better for everyone to make the verdict of their future life and become what they are meant to become.

The website also disseminates information about some well-known careers with less-known knowledge, like Chartered Accountancy, Hotel Management, Commercial Pilot, Fashion Designing etc. which many people crave to become but retreat just one step early because of the lack of the information we provide here. Along with this, it also provides extremely well twigged list of the colleges as per their standings in the traditional fields like Engineering, Management, Commerce, Science, Law, Medicine and Arts.The new dimension of the website is that it will contain the reviews of the students of the colleges as well as the alumni of the listed institutions to ensure that the various claims that institutions make are verified and certified first-hand by existing users.

It would truly serve as a guide for those young minds who are eager to learn but lack the guidance of an expert to discover themselves and make the right choice.





They are up and kidding!

Today, you may be a fresh graduate just our of college, burring with a zeal to face life. Snatch away every pinch of success that life has in its domain to offer. You may be an engineering graduate looking forward to arm yourself with an MBA, rule the world and startle everyone with your next big startup plan. Get yourself a worm, black leather covered leaning comfy chair in a swanky boardroom. see your name published in each and ever corporate magazine. In addition to it if you by any chance love to write, I strongly believe you just cant wait, but to see your article glisten in the wall streets journals blog. Get featured in Forbes list of most powerful people. And if you are, like a friend of mine, a freelance graphic designer……. what’s next after Adobe???

Now, hey! Come back… you nothing right now (if you are actually not! APPOLOGIES otherwise J )

So, ever thought about giving back something to the society after you get everything you want. cumon life is an infinite cycle of giving and taking so , you just cant have the cake and eat it to. Well!! if you  really want to there are some real unique ways in which you can actually give back to the society and participate in a real noble cause.


It helps bring together volunteers and NGO’s that need help and provide a range of programmers in India and Abroad.. it already links 10,000 volunteers and 300 NGOs . while the focus is on individuals, iVolunteer also has a customized programmes for groups and corporate volunteering. Depending on your time and commitment levels , you could choose , for example , from reading for a couple of hour to a blind person on the weekend , working a few days every month for a rural business, or take on a two year assignment in another country.


How can you help??? Pick up a cause close to your heart and register at iVolunteer [dot] in

2) WADA NA TODO ABHIYAN:             

This is possibly the largest campaign on the governance accountability inIndia. they use the internet to connect more than 3000 civil society groups across the country in an effort to ensure that the central and state government fulfill promise made in there election manifestos. They also work with the planning commission, with feedback in preparing five year plans. The Ngo has launched a “Peoples Audit” of basic delivery area (health, education) to bring about changes.

How can you help??? …. participate in audits by monitoring government programmes at wadanatodo [dot] net.


This organization aims at tapping the skills of senior corporate leaders and managers. And this is how it works: In India volunteer organizations are usually registered under various acts, which require them to govern by a board. Often, these board members are there more out of goodwill for the cause or the organization founder and are unaware of the line that separates governance from day to day operation. Governance counts helps NGO’s to get access to competent people who can be constructive board members.

To register login at governance counts [dot]org[dot]in.


Born In USA, this organization is kicking inIndiasince 1983 and seeks to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. Ever since the construction of its first house in Asia Pacific region.

This body has done a pretty appreciable work of shifting 1.65 lakhs people in AP and built around 33000 houses for habitat.

what you can do: Hmm!!! if you are over 14 yrs , and can hold a hammer or a bucket or a paint brush you are welcome to be a part of the team that picks project at various sites and works there all happy and gay. Individuals can volunteer to work in habitat office and serve on board.


The brain child of Hemant and Sangeeta Chabra this NGO raised your eyebrow in 2008, and gives a brand new name to the term “Recycling”. It collects old bicycle, overhauls them and distributes them to children in villages outside Mumbai. These kids have to walk between 2 to 7 km to school; can now used bicycles instead, Thanks to the bicycle project. This project is spreading its wings toDelhiand Pune. It had also inspired a number of other replicas to come up across the country.

Even you can be a part be collecting bicycles in your locality or starting up a similar project of your own.


So, you see if you to do it you have a number of bodies extending there hands to help you . Social service is definitely a divine bliss, the most rewarding and soul satisfying activity. Don’t think, If You want to GO AHEAD! They all are Up And Kicking!!!

[P.S inputs from Give India and Indian NGOs[dot]com ]


Career dealing with human mind

Subhankar Choudhury (name changed) assistant manager in a foreign bank has a schedule busy enough to wipe off the Sundays from his life. Four months back he had an accident and was in bed for two weeks. In the competitive world he feels he has lost a lot in those two weeks. This very thought and pushed him into a phase that many would call abnormalcy. He has taken up drinking and his finding it hard to sleep without sedatives. His social life is declining at a rapid pace.

Somewhere in the same city is Abhishek Mallik (name changed) who is just about to finish his work at the rehabilitation & counseling center. His day starts off at around noon but mainly picks up at the late afternoon. The patients he meets are often victims of severe mental stress, depression, and also victims of substance abuse or alcohol.

They may not have crossed each other but somewhere in the vicinity of the urban silhouettes is share a connection. Both of them showcase the present life – one who is losing the battle of life while, the other making a life by guiding these individuals towards the brighter road. Research says that out of every 7 people 3 are likely to be victim of different mental disorders. Targets, meeting and booming economy is taking a toll on human life.

Not just restricted to the IT sector but individuals with mental disturbances can be found anywhere and in every strata of the society. What adds to it is the unstable family life that is often the result of job profile. Counselors like Abhishek are the people who are in demand now. Many companies and organizations often take the services of psychologists to ensure the individuals associated with them are not emotionally disturbed.

Psychology is a branch of science that deals with the most difficult area part of the human body – the human mind. The job is difficult as one need to study and understand the pattern of human thoughts, process, motives, reactions, feeling and its nature. The field is not much related to medication as a psychologist’s task is to bring in a change in the thought process of the patient.

A psychologist is required for his expertise in various types of cases ranging from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) to paranoid personality disorder. Often their help is taken to provide pre-operative and post operative counseling, especially during critical treatments. Their work is influenced by the areas of their specialization. With the increasing stress level and depression their job is often integrated with that of a HR. Many companies hire counselor to increase their human resource potential. Apart from this they also have opportunities universities, colleges, schools, government agencies, NGOs, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and research establishments.

There are several specializations in this field: Clinical Psychologists, Educational Psychologists, Social Psychologists, Counseling Psychologists, Developmental psychologists, Industrial Psychologists, and Research Psychologists.

The demand for this course was not high few years back keeping in mind the number of enrollments taking place in different institutions. One can take up psychology at Plus Two or equivalent level. After graduation one can go for M.A. or M.Sc. in Psychology. Further, a student can also enroll for doctorate level programs like Ph.D. or M.Phil. There is also Diploma program of one year in Special Education or Mental Retardation.

Like any other job, this too has its work pressure. Often solving others problem and finding a way out for a depressed person can make one develop a state of mind. So experts say unless one has the urge to serve the society and individuals, the profession may prove to be difficult. In the beginning of the career a trainee is expected to get around Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 6,000. With experience the remuneration is likely to go up around Rs. 15, 000 or more.

With the growing problems of the urban plethora the demand for professional psychologist have increased and if you feel you have the ear to hear out others problem then the line is sure to offer you a complete job satisfaction.

Few Institutes where you can study:

  • Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  • University of Delhi, New Delhi
  • University of Calcutta, Kolkata
  • Bangalore University, Bangalore

The Ten Biggest Lies of B-School

By Eric Jackson | Forbes – Wed, Aug 10, 2011  - I went to B-School about 10 years ago.  I remember the good times, the parties, the camaraderie.  I also remember the long hours in the library, working on team projects with other keen classmates, and the sense of accomplishment at graduation.

However, 10 years later, Business School missed out on a lot in terms of teaching me the skills needed to succeed in my career and life.

Here are the ten biggest lies of B-School you should protect yourself against:

1. You will be rich. My experience (and from talking to others) is that it will take you 2 or 3 times as long as you think it will take to succeed after Business School.  So take it easy running up yourstudent loans and credit card debts expecting you’re going to be a rock star later.

2. You are smarter than people without an MBA. You were smart enough to get in to Business School.  That doesn’t mean you are smarter than other people without an MBA.  Stay humble.

3. There’s always a right answer. B-School students are usually very analytical and achievement-oriented. They like to think there’s always a “best” answer. There’s not.  The perfect answer is always the enemy of the good enough one.  You make decisions you can with the best information available.  Life and business today doesn’t let you count how many angels can fit on the head of a pin.

4. If you’ve made it this far (to B-School), you’re destined to succeed. In my B-School, there were always amazingly talented executives coming in to give talks on business and life. They’d always compliment us on what a great school we attended and why we had our future by the tail.  It made us all feel invincible — destined to succeed once we set out on our various career paths.  It doesn’t work that way. I know B-School classmates who’ve failed miserably, under-achieved, gotten divorced, gotten severely depressed, etc.  B-School is a great educational opportunity in life, but you still have to go out there and succeed. Nothing is given to you as a birthright.

5. You know how to “fix” the first few companies you join after school. You’ve probably worked at companies were people who’ve been there for 2 decades roll their eyes telling you about the new hotshot MBA who just started and is now telling everyone how to do their jobs.  It’s so clear to him, yet others find it deeply offensive that he would think he knows how the company works when they’ve spent countless years there and are still trying to figure it out.  All hotshot MBAs should wear tape over their mouths for the first 3 months on the job and not be allowed to “fix” anything.

6. Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) will always tell you what a company is worth. MBAs love DCF. They think the true answer to what a company is worth is always a DCF away.  Just crank it out on a spreadsheet or whiteboard, show the boss, and move on to the next problem.  Unless you’re going to be a sell-side analyst, you’ll never do a DCF after B-School.  And even the sell-side analystsget their underlings to do them.  And no one reading your reports will read them anyway.

7. The “soft” courses (leadership and people management) are least important. I remember talking to the professors from the Management Department at my school who had to teach the courses on leadership and people management.  They used to lament that the MBAs never paid attention to them in class.  Yet, the Executive MBAs (usually in their 40s or 50s) always told them that these courses were the most important of all the B-School classes they took.  You learn after B-School that the perfect answer or strategy means nothing if you can’t get people around you to buy in to it and help you achieve it.  To do that, you need to motivate them, listen to them, connect with them, and support them when they need it.

8. You are going to be more creative and entrepreneurial after Business School than before. In my experience, B-School makes you less creative, the longer you’re in it.  They teach courses on entrepreneurship but it’s kind of an oxymoron the idea of the analysis paralysis B-School Students being entrepreneurial.  You will learn a lot of tools and frameworks in B-School, but you won’t learn how to start a company.  You just need to start a company.

9. Your peers will give you lots of tips and insights that will help you succeed in your career. In my experience, the majority of B-School students are lemmings.  They don’t know what they want to do afterwards, so they just do what their peers say they should do (maybe that’s why they applied to B-School in the first place).  Ten years ago, everyone at my school wanted to be a dot com entrepreneur.  That didn’t work out so well and most students later went back to being investment bankers or management consultants.  Your peers don’t know what you want to do with your career.  You need to start listening to that voice inside your head.

10. The Ivy League MBAs will be even more successful. An Ivy League credential will be a big plus for you on your resume – no question.  However, you have to realize that if you’re getting an Ivy League MBA, you’re probably 10x more susceptible to the previous 9 lies than other MBAs.  Don’t let yourself be the next Jeff Skilling, the smart Harvard MBA, who worked at McKinsey and then went to Enron and drove the company off a cliff.  He had a golden resume – and where did it get him?

If you treat B-School like an amazing educational experience, chances are you’ll get a lot out of it.  Just keep your attitude and sense of entitlement in check.

As Casey Kasam used to say, “Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.”


This article was originally published By Eric Jackson | Forbes – Wed, Aug 10, 2011 

Passionate Writers and Journalist – Internships and Part Time Opportunity

Rakins -published in May 2012, a project of Fullerene Solutions and Services (P) Ltd. (Techno Business Consulting and Application development organisation,) provides news reviews of unrivalled depth and breadth but also places equal, often greater, emphasis on perspective and context to empower the reader. Its coverage includes every topic and trend of interest to the reader – national, international, city, community, business, health, science, technology, sports, lifestyle and entertainment. now offers among the most exciting creative writing and journalism internship programs. The main features of our internships for college students, working professionals and individuals are:

  • Interesting assignments that expose you to high standards of writing
  • Flexible hours – you can choose between 3 hours, 6 hours and 9 hours per day
  • Work from home. Yes, you can be based anywhere in the country, and still undergo our journalism internship program for college students.
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  • Recommendation and Certification from
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In your stint with us, we train you in the tools of language like idioms and metaphors; we help you in knowing and understanding the world, and in improving your general awareness; and we groom you in genres of creative writing ranging from analytical to comic.

We operate from Bangalore, but as we mentioned above, you can undergo the journalism internship program from anywhere. It’s good enough if you have 3 hours a day to spare for the Internships and Part Time Opportunity.

The journalism Internships and Part Time Opportunity with us have no stipends – we pick smart and hard-working people, and we pay them. Stipends depend on the number of hours you choose to work, your academic track record and your experience in journalism (it helps if you have written earlier though it is not compulsory), and typically range from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 5,000 per month.

Apply now to contact[at] to add an exciting phase to your resume and to your life.

To increase your chances of getting selected for the Internships and Part Time Opportunity program, when you apply to us, ensure that you write an interesting, customized cover letter. Also send your resume along, and, if you have any, some samples of your writing. The subject of your email should be “Passionate Writers and Journalist –  Internships and Part Time Opportunity”


The nature of the work will enable you to turn into an excellent writer of English, and a fine journalist. Recommendation and Certification.

Web & Mobile Application Developer is hiring part time web and applicaiton developer, Mobile/ Andriod/ iPhone application developer.

What are we looking in you?

  • Hands-on experience in building compelling web applications.
  • Strong interest in product design and building irresistible user interfaces.
  • Expertise in PHP, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Significant experience in developing web applications.
  • Undergraduate degree in computer science or equivalent experience.
  • And, of course a deep love for troubleshooting/fixing big bugs out there.
  • iPhone, Android and mobile based applications.
  • Game, Entertainment based applications.

Why would you want to work with us?

  • Work with the best.
  • Expand your mind – Working on finding innovative solutions, you will grow your skill set.
  • Innovations – They are not only welcome but are expected even if its “not your job”.
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  • Experience working in the start-up along with the founders.
  • Your responsibilities will grow as you go on performing better and better.
  • Dedicated time to innovate: 30 % time devoted to developing and implementing new feature ideas.
  • Opportunity to show your worth to the world.

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