Advisory Board (JAB) is likely to make changes in the current IIT-JEE pattern from 2013. The ministry plans to hold a new exam, Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test (ISEET) replacing the two existing IIT-JEE and AIEEE exams. It will be designed by ISI Kolkata and the Ramasami Committee and is planned as a SAT-type test. It is likely to be held online from 2014. The paper test is supposed to stay on until the online system stabilizes. It will be responsible for admission in engineering and science courses in institutes like 15 IITs, 30 NITs and other prestigious technical institutes.

Summary of how the proposed JEE will look like:

  1. 1.     One Entrance Test for all centrally funded engineering institutions.

A common aptitude-cum-advanced knowledge test, ISEET, will replace the IIT JEE and AIEEE in 2013.

  1. 2.     The exam will be conducted twice in a year.

The Human Resource and Development ministry has said that the exam which is conducted in April will have a second edition in November or December.

  1. 3.     The percentile for JEE will consider one language subject for eligibility.

Another change that is bound to bowl out the students appearing for JEE is that the percentile which is considered for the eligibility will also include one language subject.

  1. 4.     Consideration of class 12th result for JEE.

The school board marks will have 40 per cent weight in deciding admissions, thereby reducing the test scores weightage to 60 per cent only.

  1. 5.     JEE will consist of two papers.

There will be one main paper (30 per cent) for simple aptitude testing to assess scholastic levels, and one advanced paper (30 per cent) for each subject. Students will sit for the main paper in the morning and advanced in the afternoon.

  1. 6.     Students will be given a special rank.

A rank provided by the Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTI) will be given to students according to Class 12 results, main paper and advanced paper. Students will receive individual marks for each section.

  1. Students will have to submit two separate application forms.

Students will have to submit an application form for JEE and another to the institutes that they want to apply to.



ISEET has some inevitable outcomes-

The proposal of conduction of exam twice in a year is expedient because a student who scored badly in April can appear for the second exam when it happens. This will also mean that the admission process for IITs and other central-funded institutes have to be conducted again after the initial admissions in June. The institutions are not too happy with the idea of two admission seasons in the same year as it may disrupt their schedule.

It is good that class 12 marks are given some importance. Faculty from the IITs felt the new exam could make it easier for weaker students to gain entry to the IITs. They also feel that giving 40 percentage weightage to class 12th exam is unfair as different boards have different standards. Competition among states to send more of their students to IIT will be increased, for which they will facilitate scoring through easy exams lenient checking.

The idea of inclusion of a language subject appears to be excellent as many students neglect them to concentrate on their Physics, Chemistry and Maths group to gain an entry into IIT even though language skills are important in career. But the Students are not exactly pleased with this inclusion because this will hamper their studies and they will have to study the language subject which may bring down their percentile score.

The aim behind such a reformation could be to promote more brilliant students but it will put more stress on students. Now they will have a three tire exam (boards plus Aptitude plus Knowledge Test) and pressure of excelling at each level.  Thus, the study hours of students will be increased thereby affecting the overall health, brain stress, eyesight and other social and cultural activities of students.

The proposal is economically unviable for now a student will run to more number of coaching to do well in aptitude test too. In the shade of multi-directional development of students which is always good for achieving goals of practical life, the coaching will flourish more mostly in rural parts with a hidden agenda of earning more by fake promises of overall development of students as required.

The new pattern increases the entry of students of metropolitan city. These students have good environment to develop the aptitude skill and English proficiency. The students of rural areas and middle city are normally weak in this field.

There will be an increase in organised corruption at school/college level, who would like more of their students to qualify the entrance exam by scoring more in board exams by malpractice and it will be impossible to control because of the fact that board exams are conducted at millions of centres in India. The real intelligent aspirants will certainly lag behind if many students with forged marks come up. Moreover, since the answer sheets of board exams are evaluated manually so it becomes difficult to achieve uniformity in marks given by two different examiners for the same solution. Huge number of court cases to bring a stay on ISEET from parent and students as they will feel cheated due to copying paper leaks.

Most states expressed appreciation for the new format and said they would use it for admission to their engineering colleges, but Tamil Nadu had reservations. The state gives 100 per cent weightage to school board scores and intends to continue doing so. Bengal, Orissa, Himachal Pradesh and Pondicherry have sought more time to look into the proposal.

  • Ankur

    yeah i feel too this amalgamation of aieee and jee is not a bad idea but havig 40% weightage too boards is a mere crass….it will degrade  the quality of brain in these prestigious instis

    • http://www.facebook.com/lsvimal Layak Singh

      No, you are wrong! It’s totally bad. The quality of the students and the brand will be disappeared in coming years. And the process is going to be more tough. It will increase the burden on students and the coaching will rise in numbers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sneha-Sharma/100002866163021 Sneha Sharma

    Yes, i feel too because new pattern will spoil the brand of IIT. There will be nothing in India to say that it is better!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lsvimal Layak Singh

    I don’t think this might be applicable..