A  beautiful French actress whose craving for passion and vengeance takes her from the gutters of Paris to the bedroom of a powerful billionaire; a dynamic Greek tycoon who never forgets an insult, never forgives an injury; a handsome war hero lured from his wife by another woman and an innocent American girl who becomes a bewildered pawn in a game of vengeance and betrayal. The Other Side of Midnight is the story of four star-crossed lives enmeshed in a deadly ritual of passion, intrigue and corruption.

This is a kind of novel which should be avoided during times of hectic schedules as once you start reading; chances are that you wouldn’t be able to let it go. A wicked tale of power, passion, betrayal and vengeance, the novel is a definite page turner and gets more gripping with every turn of the page.

Plot: The story revolves around four magnetic personalities, each one of which is bound to have some impact. In a world ruled by men, our leading lady, Noelle Page uses the power of seduction to lure each one of them until he gives in to what she wants and then moves on to another just to seek revenge from the one man she has ever truly loved, Larry Douglas. But what happens when she finally gets to him, had the hatred overpowered the overwhelming love & passion she has once felt for the man?
The all-powerful Greek tycoon Constantin Demeris is also used as a stepping stone by her but she forgets that the man is not ordinary rather a force to reckon with. He possesses absolute power and is absolutely corrupt, who believes in imparting justice his way. Will he ever forgive her or destroy her totally? Catherine Alexander is the only character with no evil intentions but still is brutally caught in the middle of the storm. Her only crime was being a loving wife and working to keep her marriage alive.
Writing  style: The only flaw in the book can be said to be its writing style. The book starts with the story of Noelle page and then jumps to the story of Catherine and keeps on jumping from time to time. The worst part is that the story turns to the other character when you very much want to know what happens next. But towards the end both the lives are well connected together. The ending is the scoring point, let’s say, you should be prepared for a shocking twist.
Views: If you want an evil tale of vengeance and deadly passion, this could be ‘THE’ book. The story is well structured and the suspense is kept alive throughout the book. The novel might get explicit at places and is not recommended for kids below 18.In all, I would definitely recommend the novel. Sidney Sheldon has lived up to the title, “the master of the unexpected”. I’m certain once you finish the novel, you would run to the store for its sequel Memories of Midnight.
Rating: 4/5