Human sexuality – the way of life !

While creating the humans nature has provided them with different characteristics and behaviour so that they can observe and feel the natural environment accordingly. The more specific creation of the nature is men and women, both are humans with specific characters and organisms which makes them sensible and to understand feelings of others. Both have natural attraction to each other because both have their necessities with each other. Men is only complete with women and women with men, single person without attracting to each other is incomplete. Even though some of them attract to the same sex because of the environment they have and their physical and mental characteristics. Human sexuality in men and women make them to attract to each other. This is defined as the ability of expressing erotic responses and erotic characteristics. There are some people in the world that attracts to the same sex means homosexual or some attract to the opposite sex it means heterosexual.

You can see good example of human sexuality around you as when teens cross age of 14 or 16 they naturally start attracting towards the opposite sex person either men to women or women to men. It may be for both sides. For example,  boy being attractive towards a girls but she did not like her and tried to avoid from him. So this is the case when you are attracting to someone but that person is not interested to you. In this age or earlier the parents need to explain to the children about the human sexuality and its effects and benefits. This will help them to understand the human sexuality and then they will be stopped to doing any wrong step towards human sexuality. At this age in the children, to know all things comes as the big problem and if they don’t find the right answer they move from here to there. They can also turn to the wrong path in absence of the correct knowledge.

Now days as observing the requirement of this, in many schools, colleges and in universities the courses related to human sexuality has been started so that the student can learn or have the right knowledge about the human sexuality or even can ask his/her doubts.  Generally it has been found from the earlier researches that the human sexuality is basically a genetics characteristics and it determines by the environment also. For better understanding of the human sexuality it has to be study the research and theory given by Mr. Sigmund Freud. But for learning or understanding the human sexuality , there is need of the huge complex literature or earlier research but as seen it comes by the age naturally as it is natural process that by age you will learn. As same case my parents didn’t teach me anything about the human sexuality.

When a boy or men attract to the girl or women then it is called as human sexuality because the men seek hi necessities in to the women and women in to the men. Certain characteristics are believed to be innate in humans, although they may be modified by interactions with the physical and social environment. Suppose you live in the forest, then there will be some animal characteristics inside you because environmental and behaviour around you also affects the human sexuality. After some time you might see yourself to love with animals because you live there and you learnt their characteristics. According to British philosopher John Locke, there is no innate difference between the human but they are always shaped because of the social environment present there. The human sexuality is also affected by the education that the human have. For example, in western countries where there is open education for sexuality and related things, the people who live or educate there know about it in more details and they can discuss in open eve their parents also teach them the same but in eastern countries like India, Pakistan, this kind of education is not available or not allowed so the people live here don’t talk much about the human sexuality and they have lack of knowledge of sexuality.

Human sexuality is the natural activity that comes in to the human naturally, but yes this is also affected by the society, culture, environment and education.